When you’re trying to get pregnant, everyone always has something to say...

What some friends say to you:

“There are lots of ways to have a kid, you know. You can always adopt. Or what about a test tube baby?”

What other friends say to you:

“Don’t give up on the IVF. I know someone who got pregnant in the 10th round. Maybe you should freeze your eggs?”

What now ex-friends have said to you:

“You’re too obsessed. Maybe you’re not meant to be a mom. Let it go so we can have some damn wine.”

What you say to you:

I’m a mama bear. I’m meant to be a mom. I don’t care when I get pregnant, I just need to know that I WILL at some point soon, hold my baby in my arms. And anyone who tells me to give up, or just “give in” can go %!#@%!

What I say to you:

I’ve got you. I can help. And no, you don’t have to give up. Listen to that calling, Mama Bear, because it’s real. And it’s OK to want it really, really bad.

What you really want to know is…am I any good?

That’s a yes. I'm a certified Life Coach who's helped women all around the world get pregnant.

I’ve successfully helped:

Women from ages 30-47

Women who wanted only to conceive naturally

Women currently using IVF (who weren’t previously getting results)


One woman who’d tried for nearly 10 years. 

By “successfully,” I mean they got pregnant, FYI.

Here’s some other information you might want to know... 



I offer a private coaching program for open-hearted mama bears who are determined to create a happy, healthy baby. It covers all aspects of the fertility journey - mind, body and spirit. Consciously preparing yourself to make a beautiful being involves vision, clarity and the ability to truly believe in and love yourself. Without some love and guidance, the process can be overwhelming.

Who it's for

Women who are struggling to get pregnant. You're at your wits end, are tired of waiting and have never been more ready to take a massive step to have your baby.

Why it's special

It might be hard for you to believe this right now, but not everyone is as lucky as you. You have been given the rare opportunity to learn about the real you - before baby. You get to let go of what's not working and design a life you love, so that your baby can be born through a happy, healthy mama. You get to lay a solid foundation for you and your babies future so that life as a mother can be easier, rewarding and extremely fulfilling. 

How it works

We set up a free call and talk life. I get to know you, you get to know me and we see if it's a good fit. If so, we get you all signed up and pick a day and time to have your phone or Skype private coaching calls. A new pdf module, guided mp3 meditations and visualizations will be released to you via dropbox every month to help you integrate and apply what you learn in our sessions together.  I get to guide and listen to you grow and evolve your mind, body and spirit on every single call and hear you brag about how amazing your life is going every since you started the program. 

More about me...

Since the very first day I played with my very first cabbage patch doll, I knew for sure that I couldn't wait to have a baby of my own. I spent my childhood playing house with my little brother (poor guy) and often imagined the day I'd be a real life mom.

Looking back, I was the kind of person who couldn't wait for the next best thing and most of my life was spent chasing something bigger and better. Whether I was waiting for my future husband, earning boat loads of cash, or waiting for the day I could grow my own baby - the now was never satisfying enough.

I always thought that when I had these things THEN I could finally enjoy the moment. 

I can say with full confidence that this was a never the case.

When I embarked on my fertility journey, it was my gift from God challenging me to slow down, get curious and discover a life I could be totally present and happy with  - now. So I hired a coach of my own, realized my full potential and discovered that the *new* kind of happiness I was feeling was something no one or no thing can take away from me. 

And in my journey, I was guided to become a Life Coach so that I can guide you to finally stop waiting and discover your fullest creative potential, now.

The irony of this work is that when you accept this gift, your baby is never far behind as this presence and love for life is exactly what your little one wants to come in to. Wouldn't you?

A happy, fulfilling, baby-filled life is within reach. I promise you. I know this because I've coached women all around the world into living this exact dream.

Now it's your turn mama bear. 


Certified Life Coach

I received my Life Coach certification from Dr. Martha Beck's program. Martha has earned two Harvard degrees and is a best selling author and columnist for O Magazine. Her training contains the perfect mix of science, spirituality, education and love. It has been an honour to take part in the life changing process of becoming a Life Coach, as it is most important to truly live it to give it!