For God's sake, just DO IT already!

Question for you ...

What’s one thing you’ve put on hold since TTC?

What’s something you’ve always dreamed of doing, that you’ve brushed off for months, or even years…and in your head said, “I’ll do it when I’m pregnant. Or maybe after the baby.”

  • Is it a romantic vacation to the south of France? 
  • Is it switching to a career that makes you jump out of bed every morning?
  • Is it buying your dream home?
  • OR is it throwing away your “to do” list, get present and spend your days doing what you love? 

want you to think of something. RIGHT NOW. Whatever comes up. GOT IT? Good.  

So now, I'm going to (try and) convince you to do it.

(I apologize in advance if this post is too straight up.)

Here’s why my love: Chances are, if you don’t do it now, you’ll most likely never get around to doing it.

Because deep down , it’s not the baby that’s stopping you from following through, it’s your limiting beliefs around it. That’s right – it’s your monkey mind saying no. 

Postponing your life is a dangerous habit. It can keep us stuck in a bored, adventure-less state and has the power to send us through life filled with regrets, unfulfilled wishes, untaken vacations, unlaunched careers and unrealized potential. It’s quietly stopping us from becoming who we are meant to be.

Take it from someone who knows it…

Even as a little girl, I shaped my life around the day I would become a mother. Everything was planned around the day I would leave for maternity leave. Every milestone (like marrying the love of my life) was met with a new one. Never really embracing the journey and always hoping that “the next best thing” would make me feel like I was enough.

Then when having a baby didn’t happen as quick as I would have liked, I knew that I was being asked to make a choice:

Was I going to wait for an outside circumstance (like having my baby) to tell me that I could finally pursue my dreams?


Was I going to stop putting my life on hold, step into my power as a WOMAN and choose to pursue my dreams NOW... regardless of an outside circumstance?

I'm proud to say that I chose the second option.

We travelled the majestic south of France last March (pictured above). I started my own coaching business connecting with incredible women like yourself, all over the world. We bought our beautiful dream home. And I’ve learned that life is actually more abundant and WAY more fun when I'm spending my precious life doing what I love (contrary to what society has taught me to be true). 

If you're reading this, take it as a sign that right now has never been a better time for you to take a big step to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

Let go of the pause button on your life – press PLAY and get this party started!

Much love to you,

xo Spenser

"I'll look back on this and smile because it was LIFE and I decided to live it." - Unknown