Hello mama-bear! 

I'm Spenser and I'm so glad you found me.

I know that the pressure you're feeling to get pregnant is very real. Which is why I love helping people make high-impact mental, spiritual and physical changes - that totally transform your life and your fertility, from the inside out.

More about spenser

Since the very first day I played with my very first cabbage patch doll, I knew that I couldn't wait to have a baby of my own. I spent my childhood playing house with my little brother (poor guy) and spent a lot of time imagining the day I'd be a real life mom.

I couldn't wait to grow up. I was always waiting for the next best thing and my life was spent chasing something bigger and better. Whether I was waiting for my future husband, having lots of $$$, buying my dream home or waiting for the day I could have my own baby...

The now was never enough.

And I always thought that when I finally had these things, THEN I'd be happy. And present. And fulfilled. And more "myself". 

But this was a never the case.

And when I embarked on my fertility journey and it didn't happen as quickly as I would have liked, I knew things were about to change. Because having a baby is what I wanted the most. And I would do everything in my power to create it.

In my search to find out why this was happening to me and what I could do to get pregnant, I stumbled onto the website of a Life Coach. Through our work together, she challenged me to go inward and to create a life I could be totally present and happy with - now. Regardless of circumstance.

Coaching is the best damn thing that has ever happened to me. And as much as I'd like to say that coaching helped me to become the women/wife/mom I've always wanted to be, coaching is a process of "unbecoming". Letting go of who you you think "should" be,  so that you can discover the magic that's already inside of you - right now.

As coaching continued to rock my world, I knew I had to become one myself. To show you how to stop waiting and start living your fullest, creative potential - now.

You don't have to wait to have what you want. I'm living proof.

The irony of this work is that when you accept the gift of your fertility journey, your baby is never far behind as this presence and love for life is exactly what your little one wants to come in to. Wouldn't you?

A happy, fulfilling, diaper-filled life is within reach. I promise you. I know this because I've coached women all around the world into living this exact dream.

Now it's your turn mama bear. 


Certified Life Coach

I received my Life Coach certification from Dr. Martha Beck's program. Martha has earned two Harvard degrees and is a best selling author, Oprah's go-to Life Coach, and columnist for O Magazine. Her training contains the perfect mix of science, spirituality, education and love. It has been an honour to take part in the life changing process of becoming a Life Coach, as it is most important to truly live it to give it!