is this private coaching program right for me?


how is the program delivered

Your PDF modules and MP3 meditations and visualizations will be delivered to your dropbox account and private coaching sessions are done by phone or Skype.


Why 6 months? Do you have something shorter?

The program is for 6 months because you're putting your trust in me to guide you towards having your baby and I know from experience that this can be done in 6 months. It doesn’t mean that you need 6 months to begin seeing the impact of our work together. In fact, you'll experience results within the first few weeks of the program.

Also, having accountability and support for this amount of time makes it a stronger and more powerful transformation for you. 

And remember love, Rome wasn't built in a day. 


I'm scared to commit. What do you recommend?

It’s normal to be scared and feeling apprehensive when it comes to investing and committing to something like this. If you're feeling this way, I'd recommend taking a deep breath and feeling into what's really keeping you from saying yes. And then, complete the application and schedule a call with me so I can help you through this.

If you stay stuck in this fear, you stay stuck on the fertility rollercoaster ride. Even the smallest action can have a huge impact. There is no obligation to complete the application and talk with me, so what do you have to lose? This could be the exact baby step you need.


What if I plan to go through treatment like IVF, IUI Etc?

This program is designed to support all aspects of the fertility journey. It's not a one size-fits all kinda thing. This program will greatly support and prepare you for your treatment. In fact, studies have shown that mind/body work can increase your chances of pregnancy during treatment by up to 50%.


What if I get pregnant while enrolled in the program?

Getting pregnant during the program is obviously, very possible. But just because your pregnant, doesn't mean your life is put on hold and you stop creating. At the core, this program is designed to help you create a fertile life - beyond baby. And at the same time, shows you how to create ease and a solid foundation for the life growing inside of you. You'll also have a set of specific visualizations and meditations to support you in your first trimester. 


What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is someone who helps people to see the true potential in themselves. They've been trained to use specific tools and ask specific questions that give you access to conscious and subconscious limiting beliefs that block health and happiness in the mind, body and spirit. 


What is the difference between a Life Coach and a Therapist?

I like to use a doctor/physiotherapist analogy. A doctor helps a sick person get healthy, while a physiotherapist helps a healthy person thrive. The same takes place between therapy and life coaching. Therapist' are licensed to facilitate unhealthy people and Life Coaches are trained to help healthy people take their lives to the next level.