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Just wanted to share with you how very thankful I am for you and your program because I just found out that I am PREGNANT! The group program has absolutely changed my life and I couldn’t have done this without you! You taught me to let go of that need to control everything and that less is so much more-after a year and a half of trying everything imaginable, this was the first cycle I really gave up everything I had been trying before and just let the universe take over - no obsessing and here we are! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get here! You are changing lives with the beautiful work you do and I am eternally grateful!
— Tasha S.
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Hey Mama-Bear,

I know your fertility journey hasn’t been an easy -- OR a straightforward one...


You’re probably asking yourself (God/the Universe) every damn day:

“I want to trust the process, but I can’t stop worrying. I’m doing everything my doctor told me, but I don’t know if it’s working...”

“I’ve been able to create soo many amazing things -- I have a great relationship, a pretty solid career. Why hasn’t this happened for me yet?!”

“I want to give my partner a baby so badly. We’re ready when you are little human… but please don’t wait too long!”

"I feel so guilty, even when I’m not sure why. Every time I step a teensy bit away from “doctors orders” I feel like I’m letting the whole world down.”

spenser brassard

And then there’s all the... (ahem) well-meaning advice from friends, family members, and your mother-in-Law:

Omg you should talk to my doula! She has these ah-mazing yoga poses that totally...”

“Have you tried Chinese Medicine?”

“You should just relax. Don’t think about it so much. It’ll happen!”

“Oh my gosh are you eating ________?! My doctor told me…”

“Have you thought about adoption?”

... 🙄

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Girl, I get it.

It’s enough to make you want to pour yourself a massive glass of wine and throw your phone and baby books out the window forever, right?

And between all the advice, the regimens, and the self-blame game --

No coffee? Kale every meal? In bed by 8? No more weekend fun? Scheduled sex?

-- there’s one simple fact you can’t avoid:


This fertility journey is making you miserable.

(And frankly, if you're miserable? What’s the fucking point?)

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The good news is:

There’s a better way to do this.

A way that strengthens your mind-body connection, to communicate to your body that it’s a great time to make a baby!

A way that feels expansive and empowering, instead of restrictive.

A way that prioritizes pleasure, rest, and fun, instead of another list of do’s and don’ts for your uterus.

A way that gives you space to connect more deeply - to yourself, your partner, the soul of your baby, your loved ones, and the women alongside you sharing the same journey.

and this is where it all begins…


Fertile Ground

An 8 week experience for women ready to transform their fertility story, and turn their journey into an extraordinary adventure in self-love.

What people are saying

Joining the Fertile Ground program was honestly the best decision I have made on my journey to motherhood. The tools and skills were invaluable for navigating the TTC path and great for life in general. I have to say though, the connections I made were the real gift! The women in my program became this amazing support network I didn’t even realize I needed. They truly understand me as I do them. We have been able to cheer each other through our low moments and celebrate our highs! I can seriously promise you that you will get more joy, love and support out of this program than you could have imagined! I am SO excited for you if you decide to join!
— Ashley D.
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Here’s How Fertile Ground Unfolds:

  • Every week for 2 months straight, we’ll dive into a specific topic strengthening your mind, body and fertility connection -- but don’t worry, it has nothing to do with leafy greens or early bedtimes. We'll be exploring the mental, emotional and spiritual parts of your path, your relationship to your body, the people around you and so much more.

  • Weekly classes take place on video chat, complete with group discussions and Q&A. We’ll cover that week’s topic in depth, as well as that week’s experiential homework, visualizations, exercises, audio recordings, and so much more!

  • After each class, you’ll be given a challenge to act on what you’re learning. Note: The challenges won’t be another pesky thing on your “Get pregnant ASAP” to-do list, either. You’ll be going on adventures, getting creative, pampering yourself, and taking the steps to enjoy life again. (Instead of constantly being consumed by “Am I? Or aren’t I…?)

  • You’ll also be part of an amazing community with fellow mamas-in-making, where you can swap stories, encourage each other, and finally have space to speak your complete truth in a safe, supported environment -- on your good days, and your down days.


Switch out the idea you need to wrap yourself up in heartache, mama.

Lean on me *Que the song* 🎤🎶 and your sisters for strength (and a heavy helping of positivity and sass!)


Curious about the challenges?

Here’s a sneak peek, gorgeous:

Week 1 - Feeling your feelings

Fertility is a vulnerable journey that deserves to be embraced. And we waste NO TIME diving right into the magic. Here is where you learn to open up your heart to having your baby. 

Because, you're afraid. Maybe your afraid to get your hopes ups and get excited about seeing that positive pregnancy test. And this is normal. But it's time to let that go and let the magic in. 

You'll learn how to release that need to “numb out” and avoid your emotions, good or bad. By leaning lovingly into your emotional patterns and adjusting where needed, so you don’t just acknowledge and learn to move through your fears and feelings, but feel confident articulating them, and asking for help when you need it.

This will also be a vital skill in your back pocket when it’s Mommy O’clock!

Week 2: Rest & Digest

It’s a status symbol to be busy these days, but when you’re waiting for a baby? Your nervous system needs to be calm and centered. Here is where we activate your baby-making parasympathetic nervous system. So instead of fight or flight -- think rest and digest.

In week 2, we’ll dig you out of comparison syndrome and unnecessary stress, and get you into a place of deep peace, so you can start listening to yourself, and give yourself permission to rest, relax, and sleep when you want, so your body’s systems can begin to work beautifully towards your shared goal.

Week 3 -body love

When we’re struggling to conceive, it's easy to turn on our bodies; as if they’ve failed us or betrayed us. But more often than not? Our bodies want to be pregnant just as much as we do. We’re all on the same team.

So in week 3, you’ll learn how to treat your body with divine love again, and nourish it beautifully -- so you can feel pleasure without guilt.

Improving your relationship with your body is vital for the rest of your journey, and supporting yourself through pregnancy and beyond.

WEEK 4 - surrender

Surrender and letting go doesn't have to be such a taboo subject. It's not that complicated. 

Letting go doesn't mean pretending to not want a baby. Or wishing the yearning would just go away (so that it could happen..)

In week 4, you'll learn how to get out of your own way, so that the Universe can support and guide your every move. But it can be difficult to do this - when you feel like you have to "make it happen" all on your own. 

Cause guess what mama-bear? You have a whole team of humans, guides and angels behind you - ready to help you make this baby. You just have to learn how to accept the offer. 

When you let go and let God - magic happens. It's as simple as that. 

Week 5 - Let go of your past

If you've been TTC for a while, not-being-able-to-get-prego-when-you-want can become a part of your identity. Your old stories, memories and regrets of the past can grab a hold of your soul and hang around you like a dark cloud. Not to mention, how difficult it can be to see yourself as a fertile woman after years of trying. In week 5, this all changes. 

It's time to let go of beliefs that sound like: "I should have started sooner." ... "Last time didn't work. Why would the next time be any different?" ....&..."I shoulda, coulda, woulda done more."

You'll learn how to let go, forgive and re-write your fertility story, to take on your brand new identity of a FERTILE mama who will soon meet her miracle. Peace out past! Hello FUTURE!

Week 6 - (guilt-free) Pleasure

This is my favorite week  of all -- and for good reason 😉 

Too often, women working on their fertility are brainwashed to believe you’re only a “good” mama if you’re a hermit, dutifully drinking your morning smoothie, taking your vitamins, and following a perfect routine. You may feel guilt when you’re having fun these days, or even just relaxing and watching an episode of the Real Housewives (um, shouldn’t you be sitting in a yoga pose instead?!)

That’s why week 6 is all about FUN. You’ll get reacquainted with the things that bring you joy, go on adventures, prioritize pleasure (in and out of the bedroom), and indulge in your favorite things.

After all, if you’re miserable trying to conceive… what’s the  f---ing point?

WEEK 7 - less is more

So many women on the fertility journey are bad ass career women who can truly handle anything.

But honestly? You shouldn’t have to.

For generations, woman have been putting others before themselves. We often catch ourselves playing small, clamming up, or giving the OK on “favors” or tasks we don’t want to do, to keep everyone happy.

Well guess what, mama-bear? If you’re getting ready for a cub, you’ve gotta learn how to roar -- or just let yourself off the hook with a simple “No thank you!” It’s time to stop letting people take advantage of your kindness, start placing healthy boundaries around your heart and time, and shift from “go mode” and into “support mode”. Because asking for help is a sign of strength 

By learning to do more of less, your mind will be clear, your body energized, and you'll feel so ready to meet your baby and juggle the journey of motherhood.


One thing we must remember about our path to conception is that we don’t walk alone.

With this in mind, Week 8 is a deep dive into the relationships we share, including with our partners and family, to put in place a solid foundation for baby. 

Learning how to speak about your own emotions, and listen to theirs, how to release negative energy from past relationships and heal old wounds, and become resilient, powerful, in-tune team with your partner will ease any and all challenges you meet from fertility, pregnancy, parenting and beyond.

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Fertility isn’t just a journey to create new life.

It can be a journey to create a new life for yourself along the way.

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 2.09.13 PM.png

And at the end of our road together?

In just a few short weeks, expect to feel:

  • In touch with the beauty of surrender, and the knowledge that you can live an amazing life now. You’ll learn to move with the journey that the Universe has placed in your path, instead of fighting your body, or feeling like life and fate are against you.

  • Confident with exactly who you are at this point in your life, and the fact there are no right or wrong answers. You don’t have to be a perfect, zen robot to get pregnant. But it does help to feel rooted into what matters most to you.

  • Free from the guilt you’re constantly carrying, and the sense that if you’re not following the "rules" to the T, you’re screwing up. You deserve to wake up every day feeling calm, at peace, and like you have space to breathe -- no matter what you ate/did/didn't do the day before.

  • Like the total overwhelm and fear has become a thing of the past. You’re mentally, physically, and spiritually ready for whatever comes (especially your little one!)

  • Madly in love with life again, because you know you can have fun and relish every day no matter where you are on your fertility road.

  • A new found trust in the process. You can handle the wonderful news and the less-than-wonderful, and when it’s time for your baby to arrive? You’ll be confident welcoming your little bean into the world.

  • Free to talk about, dream and plan out what it's going to be like when you get pregnant and have your baby. Free to say to your partner, "What do you think of Benjamin as a name for a boy?" or to your BFF, "I'm so excited for our kids to grow up together!" Remember - there is a real, live baby at the end of this! No more holding back.

  • Supported and strengthened in your relationships -- with your partner, your loved ones, and your new sisters you’ve met inside the Fertile Ground community. You will don’t have to walk another step alone on this path.

  • More deeply connected to yourself, your loved ones, and the Universe than ever, so you can know and trust in the flow of life.


Your fertility journey can be the most beautiful & spiritual experience of your life.

(Until your baby comes, that is!)

The only question now is:

Are you ready to begin?

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Hold up! Who created this anyway?

I’m Spenser Brassard, a Canadian born and raised Certified Life Coach, blogger, and podcaster who helps women worn out by the TTC process get their mind and body back on board so they can finally get their “baby on board”.

(Full disclosure: I also dig pizza, the Real Housewives, and daily essential oil baths.)

I turned my fertility journey into the best thing that’s ever happened to me, using the perspective and tools that I now share with women all around the world…and spoiler: You don’t have to get it “perfect” - you just hafta get started!

My approach is different from everything you've heard about why couples struggle to get pregnant. No more diets. No more shoulding. No more trying to find out what's wrong with you. There is a different way.

Let me show you how.

What people are saying

“How do you say thank you to someone when you feel like the words ‘Thank You’ aren’t enough to cover the gratitude and thankfulness you feel inside. You have changed my life and I can happily announce that I am 13 weeks pregnant after my struggle with PCOS. Your passionate approach to life and helping woman become not only mothers but transform their thinking has been what has affected me the most. I do not know how to say thank you enough!”
— Leah H.
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+ "What if I don't get pregnant?

While I can’t guarantee a 100% success rate of pregnancy as a result of Fertile Ground (please be wary of any “expert” who tries to promise you that) what I can guarantee is an utterly transformed mindset. Once you learn there’s another way to live, move, and be on your fertility journey... and if you do the work, take the steps, and start bringing these practices into your life -- I can promise the road will seem much less daunting. Studies have also shown that exploring the type of mind-body work we’ll be doing in Fertile Ground can also improve the success of fertility and fertility treatments significantly.* After Fertile Ground, you won’t just feel more physically, spiritually, and mentally centered -- you’ll know that you and your and your partner are prepared for whatever comes, that your life is full, and that there is so much divine beauty around you, and ready to support you always. That is my promise to you.

+ "I'm about to do IUI/IVF. Will this still be for me?"

Research shows that completing mind/body programs during IVF can increase your chances by up to 30%. Keep in mind: This is not to bolster the myth that you should “just relax” to get pregnant! Inside Fertile Ground, you’ll be doing much more than just relaxing. You’ll be healing past traumas and limiting beliefs, learning how to fall in love with your body, finding new ways to communicate lovingly with your partner, family, and friends in any scenario, and so much more. The goal is to prep your mind and body for conception, pregnancy, birth, motherhood and beyond. Imagine: feeling centered, calm, and at peace the next time the doctor calls. Or when hearing that you have to give birth in a hospital and not at home like you had wanted. Or after having many late nights breastfeeding your growing baby. These are the moments that I want to help you create for yourself.

+ “I’ve been trying to conceive for a few years now. Is Fertile Ground still for me?”

Absolutely. We welcome women whose journeys have lasted months or years. All of you have something incredible to bring to the community, and deserve the amount of pleasure, joy, and relaxation ahead inside Fertile Ground. I hope you’ll join us!

+ “I already have kids, but I’m still having trouble conceiving. Will there be other moms like me?”

Certainly! We welcome all mamas, whether you’re ready for your first, or excited to welcome your next.

+ “I’ve already spent so much time and money on my journey. How is this different?”

Fertile Ground is a mind-body approach to getting pregnant - without it taking over your life. We’ll be doing deep work that goes beyond simply eating right and doing more yoga. You’ll be exploring how you relate to pleasure (guilt-free), healing past wounds, deepening your relationship to your partner and your own mother, learning how to set boundaries, hopping off the “perfectionism” train by embracing surrender, and so much more. It’s not just a group to help you get pregnant. It’s an experience to help you find true, gorgeous, powerful meaning and truth along the way.

+ "Why should I learn from you?"

I’ve coached hundreds of women around fertility in my 1-1 sessions, webinars, classes, and programs, and everything I teach you inside Fertile Ground is rooted in science and created with love. There’s no fluff or fanciful thinking, and everything you’ll learn is practical, applicable, and (most importantly) enjoyable to learn and work through. With my guidance, you’ll discover ways to calm your mind and tune into your body, so you can mentally and physcially prepare for conception, pregnancy and raising your little one.

spenser brassard

There’s one last thing I’d love for you to know:



If in your heart, this work resonates...then mama-bear: It's for you.

You might even feel a mix of scared and excited – which I like to call scar-cited! What makes this work so successful, is getting in touch with that internal compass that screams “YES!” because there is a life waiting for you that is way bigger than you could have ever imagined. 

Yes – even if you’re a little scared. Because if not, nothing changes.

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It’s time to sow the seeds of your most extraordinary life -- to welcome the new life that wants to be born through you.


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It’s time to create your:

Fertile Ground

Let's make magic, baby.

Enroll in Fertile Ground right now. And I'll see you on the inside!

Payment plans are available!

fertile ground magic

This offer includes:

Enrollment in 8 weeks of LIVE video classes and Q&A

8 weeks of challenges

A library of guided meditations & visualizations

Access to the Fertile Ground Facebook community, available to you 24/7

Access to all interactive homework, recordings, and more



Be on the look out for the next Fertile Ground program launching in Spring 2019.


According to a study referenced in the New York Times, 143 Boston IVF patients were split into two groups. Half were randomized to participate in a ten session mind/body program and the other half received routine care.  By the second IVF cycle, when 76% of the mind/body patients had participated in at least half the program, the clinical pregnancy rate was 52%, compared to 20% in the group not doing mind-body work, a statistically significant difference.