You’re almost there! One more thing…

your monkey mind might tell you not to show up to this class…🙊

Because it wants to keep makin’ the journey hard on you…

But you get to decide what path you want to take.

You get to decide whether you want to show up and learn how to take the path of least resistance to your baby - or keep believing it’s going to be hard.

And I really hope you’ll join us 💕

Check your inbox for an email with the details in a couple minutes. Make sure to add me to your primary inbox so you don’t miss the link to join us live!

In the meantime, mark your calendar with this date 🗓

Saturday, April 6th at 9am PST, 10am MST, 12pm EST

If you old-school like me and still have a real life calendar, circle a big, red circle around it!

I can’t WAIT to see you there mama!

xo Spenser