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because mind + body on board = baby on board.

If you’ve been on this baby-making journey for a while now, and feel like your fear has literally taken over your mind and body, like some kind of alien invasion 👽 — I can help you with that. Quite simply, I help you change your thinking to not only make the journey more enjoyable, but to increase your chances of pregnancy by up to 55% by strengthening your mind-body connection.

A win-win situation.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re a high-achieving, powerful woman and have created almost everything you want in life. A great career, an amazing partner, a beautiful home - but this is the ONE thing that keeps eluding you.

  • Deep down, you really are happy for your BFF’s pregnancy announcement - but it only makes you feel lonely and even farther away from your dream of becoming a mom.

  • You know in your heart you’ll be a mommy - but your mind keeps reminding you of “how long it’s been” and “something must be wrong with me” and “but really tho, WTF is going on???!!!”

  • You want to get excited about mama-hood and feelin’ those tiny kicks in your tummy - but are just too afraid to get your hopes up. 

  • Just when you think you’ve got this baby-makin’ thing under control - an email pops into your inbox with the ‘latest fertility research’ that makes you feel like a damn hypochondriac… “Oh shit! Maybe THIS is why it hasn’t happened yet?!”

  • The boring ass diet, the so-many-vitamins-it-makes-me-gag, and the bedtime of a flippin’ 5-year-old, is making you feel like you’ve lost who you are.


I totally get it.

If you’re trapped in the loop of thoughts that keep you disbelieving in your ability to get (and stay) pregnant, I hear ya. And if you’re wondering WTF is finally going to make a difference, without the same heart-ache month after month after month, you are absolutely not alone.

Here’s the thing:

We’ve been conditioned, as a culture, to think thoughts based on what happens on the outside.  

But if you continue to choose thoughts based on what’s happened so far on your fertility journey – like how long it’s been since you’ve been trying to get pregnant - you subconsciously continue to create the same experience over and over again.

Instead, you want to learn how to think and believe thoughts from the inside-out.

This is where your mind begins to quiet and your body takes a deep sigh of relief.

This is where the mind-body transformation happens.


But don’t get it twisted mama-bear…


My coaching technique and philosophy is not some bull shit “think positive” non-sense. Hell no. Telling someone they’re not allowed to feel how they feel, is the kinda shit that makes a women go loco. I mean, if you could, you wouldn’t be here right now reading this… am I right?

Instead of trying to push away “negative” emotions, I teach you how to show that part of yourself compassion. This is where the magic happens. And this kind of love and acceptance is ironically what allows you to officially let go of those fearful and uncomfortable emotions. Go figure… 🤷🏼‍♀️

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In our sessions, you’ll officially learn how to:

  • Think new thoughts that shift your body out of fight or flight, and into the rest and digest mode - lowering your cortisol levels, increasing your happy hormones, and creating an optimal environment for making a baby.

  • Connect with a higher power, so that you can trust the process.

  • Fully feel your emotions - instead of suppressing them. You gotta learn how to let go of the old to make way for all that NEW.

  • Apply different tools and techniques to root your mind and body in belief that you CAN get pregnant.

  • Be happy NOW - The easiest and most effective way to manifest your desires.

  • Love yourself. Past you, present you and future you 💕

Working with Spenser is actually the BEST thing I have ever done in my life. Spenser is so refreshing, so wise beyond her age and it was like talking to a best friend that I could be honest with about my innermost feelings. The best thing, is that I am falling in love again - with myself, with my husband and son! And life itself, whatever it brings me. I cannot thank her enough! I highly recommend her program!
— Minnie R.
How do you say thank you to someone when you feel like the words ‘Thank You’ aren’t enough to cover the gratitude and thankfulness you feel inside. You have changed my life and I can happily announce that I am 13 weeks pregnant after my struggle with PCOS. Your passionate approach to life and helping woman become not only mothers but transform their thinking has been what has affected me the most. I do not know how to say thank you enough!
— Leah H.
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How It Works:

You’ll receive

  • 3 months of bi-weekly 60-min private coaching sessions with me (6 calls total).

  • A library of downloadable guided meditations and visualizations.

  • Unlimited email support.

  • A welcome gift in the mail.

  • Enrollment in the Fertile Ground Online Course. This includes 8 video modules, 8 meditations, 8 homework challenges and a private facebook group of support.

  • A lifetime’s worth of tools, connection and mindset techniques to create success in all areas of your life - not just baby.

  • A total life transformation.

We can tackle subjects like:

  • Trusting your body - Either because it’s been a while since you’ve been TTC, or after being given a diagnosis.

  • Healing from miscarriage - Your past does not define your future.

  • How to make lifestyle changes around eating, sleeping and working out by changing your thoughts about it - You don’t have to force or use willpower. There is another way!

  • Learning how to overcome emotional triggers - With things like getting your period, pregnancy announcements etc.

  • Get to the root of ‘unexplained infertility’ …I hate using that IF word!

  • Prepare for an IVF transfer - Recent research shows a mind-body program can more than double IVF success rates.

  • Or anything else that’s keeping you up at night…

I found Spenser when I was struggling to find my way through our TTC journey of over 2 years. I was losing myself and not living my life. I love that Spenser doesn’t focus on the past or just focus on the TTC journey, we have looked at issues I have had for a long time which in turn is helping me get back to the real me which I think I lost long before TTC. She has armed me with tools that I will use for the rest of my life and I feel so much stronger and reassured that I have these now. I’m happy to say that I am now 3 months pregnant!
— Anna D.
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Next Step: Apply Now.

I choose to work with women who I know are open-minded, ready and willing to make the investment of time and resources and do the work to change their lives.

If you’re in, set up a chat below - and we’ll see if we’re a hell yes. Talk soon 😘

The presence of fear is a sure sign that you’re trusting in your own strength.
— A Course in Miracles