How to Get Out of a Funk

My definition of “funk” is that you’re just feeling down and you don’t know why. Symptoms?  You can’t focus, your body feels tight and your head feels like it’s going to explode. Check out my tips on cracking the infamous "funk" below:

1.) Healthy distraction from obsessing over what’s going on. Going to a movie, meditation, working out etc. By doing this, you are not avoiding this situation. You’re just wise enough to know that nothing good can come from the mindset that you’re currently in. Also, by clearing the negative thought, (even for a few moments) often times a solution or inspiration will appear without effort. It’s called the Eureka Effect. In a nut shell, by shutting off the over analytical left side of your brain, you allow the creative right side to chasse in. 

2.) Take a nap. Stop the momentum. Society would call this lazy. I think it’s brilliant.

3.) Write! To make sense of it all. Let your fingers do the work and just watch the letters fall onto your screen or paper.

4.) Talk! Hire a Life Coach (tsk tsk, over here ;)) or confide in a compassionate friend and really just allow yourself to explore what you feeling and talk it out.  NOTE: You don’t want to find a friend that’s going to egg you on, buy into your crazy or add fuel to your fire. Find a friend that’s grounded and will actually listen and help you feel heard.

5.) Turn the music up. This is my fav solution and works like magic.

What to avoid:

6.) Try to avoid information overload. It really adds an ingredient of angst to your funk pot by googling for the remainder of your day. You goal is to shut off that obsessive part of your mind.  The sooner you disengage with these thoughts that are causing you angst, they will slowly begin to subside. It’s like walking away from a person wanting to start an argument that you know will only pull you into their darkness.

7.) If you actually want to grow from this experience, avoid any kind of substance abuse. This will work for a however long you decide to indulge but the funk will still be there when you're glass runs dry. It is just a mask.

Most importantly, know that these kind of days are totally and completely normal. Everyone goes through them, in every subject in their life, through every stage. TG they pass!

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