New Website Launch

Holy smokes. Being a new entrepreneur is interesting to say the least.

I’ve been back to the drawing board about 50 times. Some of those times were difficult, but I’m happy to say that most were super exciting.

With that being said, I made a switch from the standard website to a lifestyle blog. I will most definitely still be doing Life Coaching sessions, but my intention for the switch is to reach a bigger audience with my online presence.

(In the photo below, I like to call this my, "what the fuck did you just say to me?" face)

Another new element that I’m adding will be discussions around my preparation into mother-hood. No, I’m not pregnant, but my content will include what I am doing to consciously prepare my body, mind and spirit for baby-to-be and why I think it’s more important than ever for our generation to begin doing this.

My blog is divided into three categories:

1.     Inspiration – Inspiration means being in-spirit. I’ll use this space to journal about how my journey is leading me through many lessons in life. I want to share them with you so that you can hopefully learn from them and live an easier and happier life.

2.     Body – I think this one will be a lot of fun! The Inspirational page of my blog involves the invisible or energy aspect to life. The Body page will include the actual physical, tangible piece of ourselves. This includes all things beauty, fashion, health, food & fitness.

3.     Business – Here is where I will share my story on being an entrepreneur. This includes things like, what it’s like to first start out, the resources that I use and find super helpful, money-talk and work-life balance. UPDATE: Changed this category to For Fun because it's more "fun" to blog about fun.

I hope you all really enjoy the content. Please send me any feedback on the new site & also any recommendations on what you would like me to blog about. This really is an open door policy!

Photo cred: Brianna Hughes Make Up: Amber Victoria Hair: Me Dress: Acne Shoes: Aldo

Dress borrowed from my super generous sister.


You guys are the best! 

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