A Simple Tool to Get Shit Done

I feel like the word “grateful” has lost it’s amazing effect because so many people preach about how important it is. But when you actually understand why it works and how it literally changes your energy, it’s much easier to grasp and put into place.

I’ve been using this sneaky little tool for few months now and it seriously never lets me down.

In the past, I’ve been known to procrastinate. I always get shit done, but I wait until the very last minute. It drives my planner husband absolutely bonkers. But his planning drives me bonkers – so there!

 With the new blog and website, I sometimes find myself delaying the time of day I write my posts. And on these days, I make a list of 10 things I’m grateful for before I begin to get me motivated. Like this: (And in no particular order)

I am grateful for:

  1. My husband

  2. My family

  3. My friends

  4. Fruit smoothies

  5. My dogs

  6. A clean house

  7. Warm weather

  8. Movie theatres

  9. Flowers

  10. God, Source or the Universe – Whatever ya wanna call it, who or whatever makes this life possible!

And what-do-ya-know, a total energy shift takes place. It WORKS because I’ve now built some momentum on positive energy and all resistance falls away. I’ve even used this tool to help me fall asleep at night when I’m having a hard time.

You gotta try it! 

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