Why you should be different.

So I was thinkin'...

From the day you were conceived, the doctors and your parents needed to know you were normal. The world needed to know you fit into the box of what you were supposed to look like.

And if you weren’t? Well…lets just say there was major cause for concern.

This need to be “normal” progressed throughout your childhood and well into adulthood.

Because GOD FORBID you let your different shine…

All it took was that one time for you to do your own thing and BAM-O! You were immediately judged. Shunned. Laughed at and worse, felt sorry for. How dare you not be like everyone else?

When it comes to getting pregnant, there is so much stress on what’s “normal”. Normal age. Normal timing to get pregnant. Normal period. Normal feelings to have. So naturally, stress levels rise if you’re not within normal range.

If we’re not “normal”, we feel very vulnerable. We feel like we don’t belong and something must be wrong with us. So we decide to try our best to fit in and ultimately, dim our light. Ya know…to protect ourselves.

But are you really protecting yourself when you feel the need to be like everyone else? Or is the pain of resisting your own unique path sucking the energy outta you and leading you down an inauthentic life?

Because when you don’t allow yourself to be different, you’re in hiding. 

You hide your:

  • Unique gifts.

  • Unique perspectives.

  • Unique life experiences.

All of which needs room to exist in order to love yourself, to be present and to contribute to the change and innovation that’s needed in our world.

Could you imagine if Mother Theresa listened to the critics that said being around sick people was gross? Or if Oprah fell victim to the history of black business women? Or if Einstein believed that his curiosity and questions for science was weird?

Our world would not look like same. 

So I beg of you... BE DIFFERENT. Accept your unique path. Challenge the status quo. Screw the norm and begin to listen to that inner voice that wants to weed wack its way to an insanely authentic and exciting life.

From this space, you get to be a mom and raise a child that is free of comparison. Could you imagine how much easier mama-life would be?

And when people are uncomfortable with your different – know that is THEIR insecurity. Not yours. And by accepting your unique self, you’re inadvertently encouraging them to do the same.

So be different. There’s only one of you. And we need you.

Much love,

Xo Spenser

“Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others, not realizing that everyone has a different question paper.” - Unknown

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