Why feeling all your feelings will help you get pregnant.

As much as you and I would like, it’s no secret that it’s flat-out impossible to always be happy, right?

Being a human, kickin’ it here on planet Earth, you've got both happy (good) feelings and sad (bad) feelings. One feels good, while the other is about as uncomfortable as a conversation on Trump and his view of religion during Sunday night family dinner...(awkward!)

So naturally, you wouldn’t dare let the bad feelings in. Cause they’re as annoying as mosquitos after a hot summer rain.

And as you try to only feel good feelings, you become a stage 5 clinger – hanging onto them for dear life.

Either way, you try to control your feelings – good or bad. This prevents you from being at peace and in-the-moment and cranks the fight or flight response to full blast.

Whether it’s a small spat with your partner or you just got your period…again(!) – one thing's for sure:

Allowing yourself to feel the bad feelings, gives them permission to pass.

If you’re afraid that if you let the bad feelings in – then they’ll take over you like a big, scary monster. But the opposite is true.

When you let yourself feel, you heal.

As a human being, it’s normal to feel sad and vulnerable. In fact – it’s healthy and courageous. And it's a super powerful way to love yourself.

When you say to yourself, “I'll only show you love if you're happy” you set conditions. Will you only love your baby when it’s happy? Of course not! I bet you’ll love them even a teeny bit more when they’re sad because you know they need your love more than anything right now. So mother yourself - now. 

Being present with your feelings is showing them love. And love heals everything in your body, mind and spirit.

When a bad feeling comes up, here’s what to do:

  • Become aware of the feeling.

  • Don’t judge it. Invite it in. Breathe into it.

  • Take note of where the feeling manifests in your body (Is it your chest or stomach, shoulders etc.)

  • Have the awareness that just by feeling it, you're showing it love.

  • If you’d like to take it further, say “I love you” to the feeling. See if there's a message it has for you.

  • Feel it pass. Let it go.

*Sometimes I like to see this feeling as a child. It helps to show more compassion and gentle care.

Doing this exercise communicates to the Universe that you’re ready to let go of what no longer serves you, to make room for the new - your baby. And it’s a beautiful way to show your baby (and yourself) that you’re ready to be a mother.

Because I know that you are. So get ready mama! This baby is comin'!

Lots of love,

Xo Spenser

Daily affirmation: I love all of myself because it’s what makes me, me.

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