5 ways to find clarity when you're feeling overwhelmed TTC


Hey mama-bird

On the journey to have your baby, it’s easier to apply mascara with your left foot while on the verge of sneezing, then it is to not get overwhelmed by all the different things you can do to finally get preg-o.

Not to mention the random conflicting information you get. For example:

"Coffee is terrible.” vs. “One cup a day won’t kill you!”

“Exercise every single day.” vs. “Exercise will kill you.

“Eat as much full fat dairy as possible.” vs. “Dairy is your new enemy.”

Ah. Mah. Gah. – am I right?!  

Whether you’ve tried everything from eating an entire 5lb pineapple (including the skin) to doing a kick-handstand after sex OR you haven’t tried anything at all because all this information has left you feeling totally paralyzed…

Here are 5 ways you can kick overwhelm to the curb and find peace and clarity on the journey to have your baby:

1. Do nothing.

For just one day, take the pressure totally off and do nothing. You can feel the relief in your body already from just reading that, eh? Give yourself a day off to recalibrate and disconnect from all the things you “should” be doing. Spend the day doing whatever the heck you want. Maybe your “nothing” is actually nothing or maybe your nothing is a long walk in the park. Whatever it is, let it be.

2. What feels right for you?

Although all these different sources/articles are coming from a good place - at the end of the day, they seduce you to look for answers outside of yourself. Not to mention, everyone’s mind and body is different. So instead of seeing something new and quickly saying yes, check inside and ask yourself “What feels right to me?” 

For example, when deciding whether of not you should sign up for a spin class or a yoga class, check in with your body. Which option makes your body feel open and light and which makes your body feel tight and heavy. Follow those good feelings. Trust yourself because you know best. 

3. Get present.

Feeling overwhelmed = overthinking and in this cycle, you have lost the present moment. The moment you decide to be fully present to your experience, you won’t have anything to worry about…because you’re living in the now and not regrets of the past or fears of the future. Enjoy your life now and all your needs will be met.

4. Take inspired action.

I think there’s a misconception that once you learn how to quiet the monkey mind and live in the now, you’ll be unproductive and uninspired to do anything. But the opposite couldn’t be more true. When you live in the moment, you’re inspired to take action that’s exactly right and aligned for you. It’s called inspired action and it’s different because it’s not from fear or lack, it’s from love. So instead of choosing 8 different lifestyle changes to make, you only choose 1. And that's enough and it's exactly what you need right now.

5. Create a daily practice.

So love…I know how easy it is to get pulled into the pressures of every day life and get steered off track. That’s why I help all my clients create a daily practice to help them stay grounded in the present moment and connected to the intention of what they’re wanting to create. It often looks like a daily meditation practice, journaling, spiritual books, nature walks, bubble baths…anything that’ll fuel your spirit. After just a couple days, you’ll notice a big shift in your mind and your body. You are now in the flow baby!

These things are easier said than done. And reading these may have already calmed your nervous system. But if you're ready to let go of pineapple skin getting stuck in your teeth and the post-making-love gymnastics routine and finally feel the relief of doing enough then start living in the present moment - today. This is enough.

If you’re finding this hard to do, no sweat! I'm here for you. Book a free 30-minute assessment with me by clicking here and I'll help you uncover the sneaky thoughts that stop you from getting present and so you can make room for that gorgeous baby of yours. 

Lots of love,

Xo Spenser

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