Do you feel responsible for the people you love?

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Hey gorgeous,

What’s one belief that women have shared for 1000’s of years? 

I bet you could make a pretty good guess on what that belief is! 

It’s the belief and the feeling that:

We are responsible for our loved one’s happiness.

Perhaps your mom felt it, and her mom, and her mom etc…

And women especially feel a huge responsibility to their partners on the fertility journey. We feel like it’s our job to make it happen. And if not?

Well…we can feel like it’s our fault. Like we could have prevented the pain that our partners may feel through the ups and downs of the journey.  

And that’s a huge fucking weight to carry - and absolutely not true.

Women are nurturers at heart. But what if we’ve assigned ourselves the wrong role in our families? What if we were never meant to protect our partners and our future children from pain? 

What if you were meant to love and nurture yourself first – and still show up fully for the one's you love? Learn exactly how in today’s podcast.

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In today’s podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Steps you can take to stop feeling responsible for other people’s happiness.

  • Why you’re selfish if you DON’T put yourself first.

  • The magic that happens to the ones you love, when you stop trying to protect them from pain.

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