Lifestyle changes do not have to be hard.

We live in a world of “just do it.” ✅ or in Canada, “get’er done!” 🇨🇦

For example, if you wanted to get your body moving more, or eat a bit better – culture/blogs/fertility experts tell you to just do it using your willpower.

But to me, it’s always felt so incredibly unnatural to use willpower. It’s super masculine. And so not fun 👎🏾

Nothing good… or better put, sustainable ever came from using willpower to create change. When I force myself to do something like a workout, I couldn’t WAIT for it to be over. Food tastes gross when I use willpower to eat healthier. And meditation? Boring AF.

Why would I continue if that was my experience and mindset?!

For me, using willpower to make lifestyle changes often led to burn-out for “having” to do something I didn’t want to do. (I’ve never been good at rules 😈)

BUT… what if you know you want to make some changes…like working out a bit more… or eating healthier foods… but don’t know HOW, without going to bed with a “fuck this shit” kinda attitude?

Well, I discovered a little secret 🤫

Instead of using willpower to create change – you can instead, change your thoughts about it.

In this weeks podcast, you’re going to learn that: Lifestyle changes DO NOT have to be hard.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you need to get clear on WHY you’re making lifestyle changes (Pregnancy isn’t enough. Listen to the podcast to learn why…)

  • How I started working out and eating better WITHOUT using willpower and actually enjoy it!

  • One of my biggest tips to making lifestyle changes easier for you.

Full disclosure, I’m not pushing perfection in order to get pregnant. God no. But I do believe that you deserve to feel and be your best self now. And I want to make it as easy and as fun as possible for you, because I love and care about you that much.

Xo Spenser

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