Q&A Podcast Part 2

Hey mama-bear!

Remember that game “Never have I ever?”

It’s that game where you sat around drinking with your friends, asking questions like, “Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.” And if you have been skinny dipping, you had to take a drink. If you’ve never been skinny dipping, you didn’t have to take a sip.

It’s a game to not only be more vulnerable than usually, but to learn about other people too.

So I wanna play a spin-off of this game with you. The Baby-Making Edition! 👶🏽

Never have I ever wanted to:

  • know how to quiet the TTC calendar reminders in my brain.

  • learn how to keep the fertility journey FUN and EXCITING.

  • stay hopeful, while still being realistic.

  • learn what is “too much stress”.

  • visualize and believe that my baby is within reach.

  • learn how to talk to my husband about his lifestyle habits.

  • let go of the fear of giving birth and being a good mom.

And if I’m being honest, I’d have to take a sip of my favorite bevie (right now, it’s strawberry bubly) after every single one of these questions…

Lucky for you, every single one of these questions is ANSWERED in this week’s brand new podcast: Q&A Podcast Part DEUX!

So plug in mama-bear. You deserve answers.

All my love,

Xo Spenser

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