I just wanted to share that I got my BFP after doing your mind-body reset!!!! This was after 2 surgeries, multiple appointments and prescriptions, so it has been a long road. I stumbled across your podcast on Pinterest when I was looking for ideas on how to relax and let go. Thank you - your mind-body reset was just what I needed! Now I’m telling myself to relax and breathe through the first trimester! Thank you so much for your words of wisdom!
— Paula R.

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Each day you’ll get a new video training with easy exercises that will show you how to get mind and body on board, to get your "baby on board"

Day 1 - How to become BFF's with your body.

Day 2 - Discover what's really driving your stress. Hint: It's not what you think

Day 3 - What to do when you're feeling overwhelmed. (Slowing down vs. doing more even if you're worried about time...)

Day 4 - How to stop comparing yourself to others.

Day 5 - How to open your heart to getting pregnant.

BONUS Day 6 - Deciding where to go from here.

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