How to love your body, EVEN IF you're not pregnant yet.

Hey mama-bear,

When you catch yourself naked in the mirror, as you get ready to hop in the shower...what do you say to your body?

Do you tug on your skin - your stomach, arms or thighs - to see what it would look like if your body would finally decide to get “slimmer”? 

When you get your period for the upteenth time, wishing your womb was carrying a baby and not letting go of blood...what do you say to your body? 

Do you secretly shame and resent her - in hopes that this “nope ☝🏼 I’m not satisfied with you” attitude will make your body look and do the things you want it to do? 

Nowwwww... WAIT JUST A MINUTE ✋🏻 

Before you go on judgin’ yourself for judgin’...

Body shaming is the cultural norm.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that there is only ONE, very specific type of body that is allowed to be accepted. 

-She's slim - but not too slim.

-She's toned - but not too toned.

-And she can get pregnant at the drop of a hat. 

OH, and another thing...

It’s total and complete bull shit. 

Because acceptance of your body. Acceptance of her. As she is. Right fucking now. Is what she yearns for, the most, from you.

Research is showing that your body physically responds to EXACTLY how you speak to her (more about this inside the podcast - it’s amazing) 

And right now, in my brand new podcast, imma show you:

How to change that conversation with her. Your miracle of a body. So that you can both reflect nothing but LOVE, SAFETY and JOY to each other. 

And create that beautiful baby...together ❤️ 

It’s time for body shaming to be OVER. Done with. 

Women deserve SO MUCH better than this. 

Be a part of this change.

Listen now mama-bear: 

With so much love to you and your BANGIN' body, 

XO Spenser

PS. This subject is so close to my heart that I can’t help but start crying half way through. My body really felt and responded to everything I was saying, by reflecting back love and appreciation to me, through tears of joy. This shit is MAGIC 💫 Listen now! 


6 ways to still "be yourself" while TTC

So mama-bear,

This year is the 30th year of my life.

Although I know that I have lots of growing and evolving ahead of me (mostly because I loveeee mentally and spiritually growth so much) – and according to my mom and Oprah, life just gets better and better with age (because you stop giving so many fucks) – I definitely lost touch with who I really am while navigating my 20’s.

In my 20's, I got caught up in what I should be doing - instead of what I loved to do.


What I “should” be eating.

How I “should” be spending my money.

What I “should” be wearing.

How much I “should” be working.

What workout I “should” be doing.

How I “should” be behaving.


I mean the list goes on….and on….and ON.

It wasn’t until my 30th year that I BOLDLY declared: 

It was time for me to become a bad ass woman.

A woman who lived a life according to HER. And to actually spend every day doing what her heart yearned for – GUILT FREE!

  • Like getting my hands dirty in the garden, planting my hydrangeas.
  • Cooking homemade meals – from scratch (I’m currently eating my homemade lasagna for breakfast as I type this out to you – because I CAN!)
  • Resting as much as I damn well please. 
  • And exchanging the word “work” for PLAY because guurrlll, you can have a blast while working.

That’s the thing about certain life experiences like the fertility journey: 

What appears to be an “unfavorable” situation to the average person… can actually be what wakes you up out of the Bull shit lie that your life has limits. 

I know that while trying to make a baby, you can lose touch with who you really are. Because it can take over your life - and your mind.


What if your fertility journey was designed to actually bring you BACK to yourself?

BACK home. BACK to your body. BACK to doing what lit you UP when you were a wild child little girl…spending hours in nature, baking your fav foods, taking long naps in the middle of the day, playing board games and dancing like no one is watching... 

All of which INCREASE your fertility, your frequency and your mind-body connection.

So in this weeks podcast, I talk ALL about:

6 ways you can still "BE YOURSELF" while TTC.

...just so that I can make the transition easier for you. 

Take a listen. Get hella inspired. Take a baby step of action to let go of “shoulding” and receive all the magic available of you – when you finally say YES to yourself!

LISTEN NOW mama-bear! 

MUCH love,

Xo Spenser


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How to relieve the pressure of time while TTC

spenser brassard

Hey mama,

Recently, I had one of my clients tell me that one of the biggest stress’ in her life is not having enough time. 

She said to me, “It just feels like the sun is going down before I know it.” 

She was exhausted by her current (ginormous) to-do list, while at the same instance, had so much MORE that she wanted to do - with no flippin’ time to do it. 

I could tell that she felt resentful for not having enough “time” in her life. 

Like it was time’s fault.

But was it time’s fault? 

Was time the enemy? Or was it the relationship that she had created with this thing we call “time”?

Einstein said: Time is all relative. It is what we make of it.

We all want more of it. Especially on the fertility journey when so much of the focus is on time. IE. How old you are and how long you’ve been trying. 

But why then, when we get a little taste of a bit more time and space, do we fill it with MORE to-do’s and more “stuff” to make us feel like we’re up against the clock? 

There is a way to slow time down.

There is a way to feel like time is on your side.

There is a way to see time as a GIFT to relieve all the unnecessary pressure from your beautiful mind and body. 

And today, this is what I'll show you how to do in my brand new podcast:

How to relieve the pressure of time when TTC 

In this weeks podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to change your thoughts around time
  • How to create MORE time. 
  • 3 ways to see time as a GIFT! 


Lots of love!

Xo Spenser

Are you on the right track to getting pregnant?

spenser brassard get pregnant fertility

Hey love!

How do you know if you're on the right track to getting pregnant - without actually being pregnant?

Just like...How are you supposed to know if you're on the right track to earning mo-money - without the money being in the bank?

Are you just meant to GO GO GO and do absolutely everything you possibly can to "make it happen"?


Alternatively...can you look for other signs that let you breathe a little deeper when you go to bed at night, knowing that it's coming... and that you're on the right track?

There are MANY different ways to find out if you're on the right track to getting pregnant.

And it's so important to recognize them because:

a.) You deserve to give yourself some props and some MAJA love for the changes you’ve made that ARE making a difference, not only in your fertility...but in your life.

It’s one of the biggest gifts you can give to yourself to take a step back and say:

"Holy shit! I did this. Wow!"

And to tap into the enough-ness of that moment.

And also because:

b.) You can (finally) stop doing the chores, have-to’s, should’s that you will soon know aren't working -- and start spending more of your time resting, playing or being more creative. 

And although you can't necessarily "see" what's going on in the inside of your body, you can absolutely feel it.

Learn exactly how to know if you're on the right track in this week’s podcast.

You’ll learn:

  • How my clients know when they are on the right track – even tho they weren’t pregnant YET.
  • All the different ways and signs to look for, to know if YOU are on the right track.
  • Tiny steps you can take that’ll lead you to huge breakthroughs in your life and on the fertility journey.

Much love to you!

xo Spenser