Why resistance wants to help you to get pregnant

Ok. I admit it. I’m officially obsessed with spin class. I go to YEG-cycle in my hometown of Edmonton.

The twinkling bright lights, the crazy loud music and of course, the motivational coaching – like com’on. I feel like it was designed just for me! (I have yet to own a car in which I have NOT blown the speakers out…)

And although I’m always excited to hit up a class, I know for sure there is ALWAYS this one thing that’ll show up to try and mess with me.

This thing is called resistance.

It’s that part of your work-out when you’re debating on giving up or powering through it. This is the hard part.

And you could very easily say fuck it, give in and submit to the resistance when it shows up...and you would still feel pretty good about showing up to class, right? But you would never move past that point. Your muscles, your endurance and your body would stay exactly the same.

The same goes for the resistance in your mind.

You face resistance every. damn. day. of your life. Life is constantly trying to throw you out of your cozy nest.  

For example, one of my clients just moved to a small town and was feeling really lonely. As a Fertility Coach, I know that having a community (especially a female one) is related to the 1st chakra and it’s an integral part of fertility. She was invited by her husband’s friend’s wife to join a cooking club. Despite being a social person and a total foodie, she was super afraid to join.Thoughts like “What if its awkward? What if they don't like me?” came up and we worked through this resistance together.

And although resistance feels like a "bad" emotion, the Universe presents these invitations and opportunities, to give you what it is you’re asking for.

Because if you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

My client ended up joining the cooking club and created new friends which made her feel connected, confident and grounded in her new home town. And she ended up creating her baby a few months later <3

That’s the thing about resistance – it can feel painful, uncomfortable and convince you that you can’t do it.

But what if resistance is asking: “Are you ready for this? Are you ready for the next level of your life? Can you hold a space for this new creation?”

Resistance is a beautiful sign that change wants to happen. 

So next time resistance shows up, in your mind or in your work-out, get excited mama-bear! Be open to feel and move through that uncomfortable-ness. Say YES to it! Because it's your first class ticket to the next phase of your life. What have you got to lose? 

MUCH love,

Xo Spenser

What's working?

I gotta say...

You amaze me.

If you’re reading this, you’re a true mama-bear at heart. Someone who would do anything for her baby, before it’s even here.

Like com’on. Imma speak for your future baby right now and say – your baby hit the mama JACKPOT! 

All the lifestyle changes you’ve made. The never-give-up determination you have. The ca-raaaazy things you’ve done to finally create this baby. The undying faith and intuition that it will happen…

Because of that - you are without a freaking doubt, a mom today.

However, despite all you have done and all you’ve become (or un-become), it’s easy to focus on what’s not working.

Whether it be about creating a baby, a biz or a happy marriage, we habitually find ourselves asking, “What’s not working?”

Because when you find out what’s wrong, then you can fix it.

And I agree with that to a certain extent.

Part of my job as a Life Coach is to find out what beliefs you have that are blocking your flow. And I show you how to let them go. In a nut shell, my job is to help you find the weed, pull it the fuck out and watch that beautiful garden grow.

fertility garden

But when you consistently focus on what’s wrong, you spend all your time on the look out for more weeds – in fear. Instead of admiring and living in that gorgeous garden you worked so diligently to create.  

Know this: 

Your garden includes more than a baby.

It includes the new found love you have for yourself. The new relationship you have with your body and knowing how to fuel it (God knows you’ve done your fertility foods research…). The new connection you have with a higher power. And it includes the peace you’ve made with your past, the faith you have in your future and the love you share when you live in the now.  

Can you see it? Can you see how insanely beautiful, bright and fertile your garden is?

*This* is what’s working. And that’s a whole helluva lot.


Xo Spenser

“Where focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins