NYC Winter Fashion Finds That Will Keep You Warm

After returning from a holiday to Montreal and New York, I learned that you CAN make dressing in the cold look cool -- Seriously. No joke.

The east coast is sided with rivers that make the air conditions super humid, even when it’s cold. You can feel the chill of the water to your bones when roaming the streets. So east coasters gotta know how to stay warm in winter.

When I passed through the so-called “hipster” neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Orchard Street and the Lower East Side of New York, I couldn’t help but become mesmerized by the coolest, yet laid back and practical fashion. The best part? These bodies looked comfortable AND warm.

Here are the top 5 things I noticed to stay in touch with outerwear fashion, even in our winter months:

 1.) Big Oversized Jackets.

These were everywhere and totally stuck out. Some even dragged on the floor. A little dirty for my taste, but it was fun to see. Lots of faux fur (and the real stuff) everywhere too. 

2. Fun toques.

It's funny cause I went to TopShops website looking for "Toques" but American's don't even know what that word means so I settled for finding what I wanted in "hats". I thought this was a really cool way to jazz up any outfit.

3.) Black booties lined with fur

Such a smart, easy and stylish way to stay warm, is to line those booties with fur. Little to no heel either. Again, we're going for practical, yet stylish. 

4.) Bright lip/Subtle eye makeup. 

This was everywhere and totally stood out. Lots of coral lips that looked soo good. 

5. Bed Head Hair 

Somehow, someway, these east coast ladies managed to pull off the messy, almost ratty bed head look. Obviously, a super low maintenance way of doing your hair. 

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