Labels Labeler Labeling and Label

Label label label then label label label. Label is label then label went label. Labels are labels and only the label can be label because label is label. All of a sudden, label went to label and totally became a label without even labeling.

What the *label* am I talking about, right?!

In almost every single moment of every single day we are labeling our lives. I’m not talking about clothing labels, I’m talking about what we make things mean.

Whenever we make things mean something, we give it a label and labels are capable of creating immense pain.

We Label the Littlest Things

You walk into Starbucks, determined to grab a quick cup of joe, only to see a line up of 7 people. The line goes much slower than you are hoping. You get to the front and after ordering your coconut latte, the barista informs you that they JUST ran out of coconut milk.

“This kind of thing always happens to me.” You might say.

“People just don't care about me.” You think to yourself.

“NOW what am I going to order?!?!” You contemplate as your body goes into flight or fight mode, similar to what a zebra would do after it spots a hidden tiger.

All of the above quotations are your labels of what you make this situation mean. You are giving meaning to a very meaningless situation.

We Label the Big Things Too

Often times, these measly situations feel as if they mean much more than what they really are. That's because, in reality, you aren’t angry about the lack of coconut milk, you’re actually and subconsciously really angry about...let's say for example, the lack of respect that you’ve been receiving from your husband. And the coffee situation just reflects that. (Law of attraction anyone?!)

HOWEVER, even the “lack of respect” from your husband is a label - A label that very clearly bleeds into your entire day.

Even labeling the big things serves no purpose. Labels are attachment to a situation, which keeps you dwelling in the past.

Imagine a life without labels. Events just happen and you just deal. Then you move onto the next moment, with no attachment to what just happened. With no attachment to the past. 

How to Live a Life Without Labels

  1. Ask yourself, “What am I making this mean?” This sentence is a sentence I use in almost every single one of my Life Coaching sessions with my clients. So you haven’t worked out in 3 months. What are you making that mean? “It means I’m lazy.” It does not mean your lazy. It means nothing. So, you have a desire or feel pressured to work out? Then work out. If not, don’t. That’s it! Don't give it any more power than that.

  2. Lose your concept with time. Giving time to a painful situation is one of the worst effing things you can do. When you reminisce about how long it’s been since you’ve worked out, you spread so much more pain over the situation then you have to. Even age is time. For example, what do you make 40 years old mean? In reality, it doesn't mean anything more than being 40 years old.

  3. Forget about what other people would think if they knew the truth. We regularly give labels to situations because we think most of our friends and family would judge us if they knew the truth. Remove them from the equation. They don't belong here. Their opinion serves zero purpose. Live your life for yourself.

  4. Start small. When an undesirable yet small event happens and somehow still makes your hair stand straight up, understand your anger is (about something bigger and) just a consequence of labeling.

  5. Reflect on "what you are making it mean" and take action. If there’s a situation that you just can’t shake and eats away at your daily, then it’s most likely a label that needs attention. It needs to be dealt with. It’s time for you to evolve, take action and move forward.

All of our suffering is birthed from what we make things mean. Give yourself a breather and for just one day, live without labels. Watch and observe how your day changes when you're just living. Just being. Just having present and peaceful moments. 

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