How to Listen to Change

I made a huge change this week. I decided to leave the family business to work on my own business full time.

It’s bittersweet really. I’ve been employed for the family business for over 6 years. I’m saving a lot of really great memories and together, my family and I have hurdled many milestones which is something to be very proud of. But I know in my heart that now is the time to move onto something new.

I believe big decisions that require change must be first felt with heart, which you may prefer to call your gut feeling or your intuition.

From Oprah to Steve Jobs to Albert Einstein, wildly successful entrepreneurs are regularly singing the tune to that notorious gut-feeling. Because hell, I can talk myself into or talk myself out of anything very easily and I know you can too. We try desperately to make rational decisions that often do work out in life, but does it point you in the direction towards your true calling? Or perhaps, the most exciting and liberating path?

The variance between rationality and your intuition is an obvious one.

When you are rational, you are using your mind. Weighing the pros and cons and possibly even thinking what would be in the best interest for the other people involved and not what you really want.

Exercising your intuition can only be felt.  The easiest way is to feel it is in your body through different sensations. If I have two options and one of them makes my body feel lighter and excited, then I know that’s the right decision. If the other option feels like a weight on my shoulders and makes my chest feel tight, then I know that’s probably not the best option.

Take a chance on feeling into and listening to your gut feeling and fully understand that it will take some time for your mind to catch up to your heart.

I have no idea how my new career path is going to work out and I’m happy to say that no one does. But the decision still feels right in my body and in my being so I’m going to trust that piece of myself. 

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