Farmers Market Finds in YEG

This weekend was a hot one in YEG. It was so nice out. So to enjoy the weather, I made my way down to City Market Downtown Edmonton. It's awesome to support local vendors while getting to indulge in super fresh food.

My first find was A Bark Above Bakery that sold wheat free dog treats. I was interested because my westie went gluten-free (I know... ridiculous) because it totally cleared up her skin problems. We bought the Bacon Parmesan treats for $17 (a lot of $ for dog treats) but my dogs absolutely devoured the treats when I came home.

Surprising, all the food that they sell at a Farmers Market to eat while you're there is pretty unhealthy. I was getting quite discouraged until we finally ran into Bel-Air All Natural Pops. It was perfect for such a hot day.

Just as I was feeling parched and ready to leave, I ran into Steve & Dan's Fresh B.C. fruit juice. It's fizzy like champagne and there is no added sugar or preservatives. So so good. I highly recommend it. I snatched three bottles for $20.

Early that day, I was talking to my mom and she had mentioned that she was teaching my niece and nephew about Angels. She taught them that every time you see a white feather, an Angel is there protecting you. And what-do-ya-know, a few hours later, I find this. Life is awesome.  

Dress: Brandy Melville Sandles: Spring Sunglasses: Ray ban Lipstick: NYX High Voltage Lipstick in #7. I love NYX and it's super cheap. Sold at London Drugs.

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