Here Comes the Sun - How to Let Resistance Pass

I’m sitting here, feeling so much resistance to writing about honestly anything. I close my eyes and ask the Universe for inspiration. I look up at the sky and I see a perfect circle through the clouds.

“Is that the moon?” I thought.

It can’t be. It’s 10:30 am.

That’s the sun. But how could I even stare at it without it burning my eyes?

The clouds gradually float out of sight and there it is, the fiery, bright sun. I can't even take a peek at it without squinting my eyes and quickly jolting my head in the other direction to catch the tiniest bit of relief.

Which gets me thinking. Sometimes our minds get clouded with the regrets of yesteryear and the worries of tomorrow. Or our thoughts turn grey when a sudden shitty situation falls on our lap.

Have you ever seen the sun just shut off, pissed at the clouds because it wasn't expecting a rainy day? Absolutely not. Does the sun burst into smithereens because thunder had its way? No. The sun remains calm, cool ( street cool) and collected. It takes its seat and waits for the clouds to pass. 

If you stare up at the sky, you’ll notice that the clouds are always moving. They’re never still. It helps to think of low energy as drifting energy. Knowing that it moves makes it much easier not to hang on to. Allow it to pass, move through and then out of you. 

Underneath it all, maybe you are as bright as the sun. Maybe you are that powerful. Maybe you are that important.  How would you live your life today if you knew that to be true?

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