How to Have Fun Without Alcohol : When I Laughed So Hard I Cried


My husband had the idea to hit up Kdays this year and I immediately thought it was the coolest idea because I hadn't been on the rides since I was a teenager. 

When you're not drinking, you're up for any kind of child-like fun. Firstly,  you have all this energy because you haven't had those couple glasses of wine that really mellow you out. Secondly, you need to find new outlets to release pent up energy that may be lingering. So a bike ride, a jump on a trampoline or a rollercoaster ride really allows you do that. 

The first ride we went on was (my personal favorite) The Polar Express which literally brought me to tears I was laughing so hard. Something about listening to my husband scream of terror/fun and the nostalgic feelings of what it felt like to be on my favorite ride again brought me so much happiness. I was smiling so big, crying and laughing so hard that I remember thinking that if someone saw me on one of those insanely fast, backwards rotations, that I most likely looked like a hackling crazy person. I will never ever forget how much fun I had on that ride.

We went on a few more rides, got cocky and then ended on a crazy ride that totally made us queasy so we called it a day. And what a day it was.

Being able to have fun without alcohol is new to me (and I feel really guilty even saying that). Before my journey of preconception, I got so used to the daily glass of wine, that I was never able to feel real fun. Maybe those emotions on The Polar Express were much more than just the fun I was having in that moment. Maybe it was the discovery that those honest feelings that were felt as a child, are not lost. They're still here and completely available to me.

I want to be a mom that jumps on the trampoline with her kids and goes on all the rides with them. I want to demonstrate to my children that that kinda fun is not just for kids and can last forever. What a better time to learn how to do that, than now?  

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