My AHA Moment at the Most Unexpected Time

What an absolutely beautiful night in YEG last night! My bff and I decided to catch a movie on Whyte at the Princess Theatre because both of our hubbies were golfing. 

To begin, we OF COURSE, had to check out a few shops before catching the flick. First we hit up Gravity Pope which had a great summer sale with an additional 30% off their sale stuff. Next, we checked out Noul which is amazing because it's a Canadian brand at a great price point. I picked up this gorgeous piece at 30% off as well. 

We went and saw Suite Francaise which we both thought was seriously awesome. A very romantic movie which was perfect for a girls night out. 

I love the Princess Theatre. It is a historic movie theatre that turned 100 years old this year!  I feel like it's an in-depth experience when I check out a movie there, as they really haven't changed much. It is a true time traveler.   

About 15 minutes into the movie, a huge amount of joy came over me. When the wave of joy came, I actually watched my ego trying to find something wrong with the situation. Being able to watch my ego attempt to work its magic was a huge AHA moment for me.

As I became the observer of those patronizing feelings, therefore becoming more conscious of that automatic brain activity, I could then make a choice. I could decide if I'd like to allow those feelings to control my state of mind. And of course, the answer is absolutely not. 

When we're not conscious of our thoughts and we're running on auto-pilot, we don't really give ourselves a choice to say no thanks. Attract pure happiness by bringing more attention to each present moment. It is undeniable that your awareness will widen as you watch your thoughts (good or bad) unfold. 

Has this kind of event ever happened to you? How did it make you feel like?

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