My 30-Minute Workout : Why It’s The Only One That's Ever Worked

You know why you decided to read this article? Two words. 30 minutes.

For literally my whole life, I’ve been told to work out for at least an hour a day. That, to me, was too much of a commitment. Plus I get uninterested easily when it comes to working out (as do most people). 

I discovered Kayla Itsines on Instagram. She built her business on before and after photos that her clients started posting on Instagram. The results speak for themselves. Seeing those photos are all you have to lay your eyes on to get sold on her program.

Kayle Itsines Bikini Body guide includes 12 weeks of workouts, each week getting more difficult as your body improves.  It consists of 30-minute workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Tuesdays and Thursdays are set aside for LISS which stands for low-intensity steady state. Basically, a 35-45 minute face paced walk.

The cost for the Bikini Body guide is $69.97 and I used a discount code that I found here that got me 10% off. If you need direction with diet, she also has a fitness and clean eating guide combined. That cost is $119.97. Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll get emailed an 189 page PDF version of the guide to either save onto your computer or iPad, or you can print it out. 

Why I Love It

  1. Time. I hate to repeat myself guys, but it’s only 30 minutes! With a workout that short and results seen in just weeks, there is no longer an excuse to not break a sweat.

  2. Convenience. I do it in my basement. There is some workout equipment required, but if you don't have what's needed in the exercise, you can usually find furniture around the house to help.

  3. Results. Because I started this work-out routine and the Paleo diet at the same time, I saw encouraging results in just a couple of weeks.

Exercise & Fertility

Oddly enough, there are not a lot of studies on how exercise and fertility correlates. However, there is research proving that high-intensity workouts can negatively affect your hormone levels.  So as long as you’re not training for the 2017 Asian Winter Games, you’re in the clear.

To me, exercising is a complete stress-reliever (stimulates happy brain chemicals) and energy-increaser (delivers the proper oxygen and nutrition to my heart). I don’t believe that could ever be bad for me at any point in my life. 

How Getting in Shape Has Changed Me

I love the sense of accomplishment I feel during and after my workouts. My mind is sincerely at rest after the 30-minutes is up. I very much love watching my body transform as I care for it more and more. So it's totally changed my relationship with my body. As a result, I’m seeing a huge increase in self-esteem and confidence which is something I am very happy about.


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