Get Lost at Folk Fest

Somehow, some way, the Folk Festival gets better and brighter every year.

The 2015 Edmonton Folk Festival lassoed in some 20,000 people on a hill last Thursday night (myself and my crew included) to gift us with the unique sounds of Angus & Julia Stone and Of Monsters and Men.

Music festivals work as magnets to attract a group of people that get totally and completely lost in the music.

The night held a space for all attendees to gather in what I can only describe as the world’s largest picnic. You bring your snacks, a blanket, sneak in some booze (if your not in preconception), find a spot on the hill and become entranced by not only the music, but the incredible view of the city and the almost indescribable feeling of sitting with 20,000 strangers that for one night, feel like family.  

One of my favorite parts of the night is studying the view as the colors change and the sun falls from the sky. 

Besides becoming captivated by the music and the lights, it was liberating to feel intangibly connected to all the people around me. As soon as you walk through those gates, you unintentionally drop all preconceived judgments you may have and instantaneously feel a peaceful connection to every single person there. 

You get to drop your guard for one night. It’s no wonder the weekend sells out in just hours.

The Folk Festival is family friendly (even in the beer gardens) so next year I plan to hopefully back a baby with me ;) 

Getting #photobombed by my little brother on the left.


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