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As my relationship with my body has strengthened and continues to progress, so has my level of consciousness and awareness when it comes to what I put into my body. You don't need to do an extensive amount of research to learn that the decision to eat organic is a wise one. 

We all know organic is better, but it can also be super hard.

There’s just not enough selection. Most grocery stores have only a small selection of organic produce. At one point, I found myself grocery-store-hoping just to make sure I bought everything organic. It can also be stupid expensive. I once had a cashier ask, “Are you sure you want to buy this asparagus? It’s $19.” I did not buy the asparagus.

Consequently, because of the inconvenience, the doubt creeps in…is organic really better? Yes…yes it is. Here’s 3 simple reasons why:

  1. Prevention. Eating organic is about eating consciously. It’s about prevention. Creating and maintaining a lifestyle for you and your family that’s prevents illness. The National Academy of Sciences reports that 90% of the chemicals applied to foods have not been tested for long-term health effects before being deemed “safe”.

  2. MORE nutrients. On average, organically grown foods provide: 21.1% more iron, 27% more vitamin C, 29.3% more magnesium and 13.6% more phosphorus.

  3. Tastes better. Just as your physical environment affects your state of being, it is the same with plants. Organic fruits and veggies grow in nourished, well-balanced soils that produce healthy and strong plants. In addition, chefs all around the world believe that beautiful and fresh ingredients (along with a large dose of love) is what make’s food taste delicious.

an Almost-too-good-to-be-true Solution to Eating Organic

Spud. Your online grocery store that delivers fresh and organic groceries right to your door.


More than just produce. Spud sells almost everything from organic produce to cleaning supplies to ground beef to almond milk. They have it all. (I ordered halibut on my last order!) 

Delivery to your door (home or work). No more grocery stores. No more meandering the aisles buying food you don’t need. No more grocery-store-hoping. No more, no more, no more!

Affordable. Spud has continuous online promo codes that get you amazing discounts. Stop waiting for the first Tuesday of every month to get a measly 15% off. Here's  a screen shot from my last order at a 40% discount:


Support local. Support your local farmers and community. Keep your money here.

Quality. I can’t stress this one enough. The food is absolutely delicious and so incredibly fresh. Even the packaging is pretty.


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More about Spud:

At Spud, our goal is to create relationships with amazing farmers, ranchers, fishermen/women, bakers, and artisans, to make it easy for you to have the freshest ingredients and amazing products delivered directly to your home or office. We believe that food should be healthy, so we partner with local producers and farmers who you can trust; real people who have integrity, who respect our environment, who care about our community, people who value sustainable farming practices and believe in the humane treatment of animals. We select local ingredients from partners who care about your food and environment.

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