It's About Being You

who am I?

Who are you, really?

It’s no wonder Google provides seekers with over 1.4 billion results when "Who am I?" is searched. It's a question every single one of my clients has had. 

So who are you, really?

Are you your job? Are you your bank account? Are you your clothes? Are you your car? Are you your body? Are you your thoughts?

At the core of your being, you are none of these things.

And let me tell you why. Because these things are always changing. If you choose to become attached to these labels as a part of your identity, you will forever be painfully pulled apart.

If you are your job and you get fired, your identity is shattered. If you are your money and you make a poor investment, you are shattered. If you are your body and a piece of it breaks, you are shattered. If you are your thoughts and you can't control them, you are devasted. 

If you are not attached to these conditions as being a part of who you are, then you most definitely have a better shot at peace and happiness. But if we aren’t these things, then who are we?

Don’t add, subtract.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that it’s best to add to the equation of our identity. Maybe it’s the idea that finally, some outside event will deliver the real happiness we’ve been searching forever for. But that will never happen. Because again, attachment to something outside of your self is just a (very) momentary false sense of relief, knowing that life is always changing.

The only way to discover who you really are is through a process of letting go.

As a Life Coach, 90% of my client’s sessions are letting go of stories that have only been creating deep suffering for many years. It’s letting go of totally subconscious beliefs that have literally been running lives into unauthentic living conditions. It’s letting go of what you thought made you who you are.  

The best way to describe the other 10% of my client’s sessions is kind of like a remembering. A remembering that you are not our thoughts. A remembering that happiness really does exist only in the present moment. A remembering that you are somehow nothing and everything at the same time.

You are nothing and you are everything at the exact same time.

You are nothing because you are not your life’s circumstance. You are nothing because you are not your things. You are nothing because you are not your surroundings.

You are everything because you are connected to the Universe. You are everything because you are a drop in the cosmic ocean. You are everything because you are on this planet and you were put here for a reason.

The only way home.

If you are downright determined to get to the core of your being and finally discover who you are, please don’t add. Simply subtract from the 1.4 billion equation of “Who am I?”. Release everything you thought you were, as painful as that may sound. It is only in that space will you remember why you are here and who you are.

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