The Ugly & Unachievable Strive to Perfection

I’ve realized something and it makes me sick to my paleo filled stomach. Something I think I’ve been doing for the past….oooooohhhh, I don’t know…..6397592 years?  

As my husband and I prepare our body, mind and spirit and officially begin trying for a baby in a couple months, I’ve realized that I’ve been striving for perfection in order for this healthy, happy baby to come through.

I didn’t know that my aim was impossible, until now. Of COURSE it’s possible for a healthy baby to come through, but it is disgustingly impossible for me to be perfect.

The bottom line is that it’s impossible because everyone has a different image of perfect. To someone, perfection is alotta money and to the other, perfection is the simple life. To someone, perfection is being spiritually enlightened, and to the other, it’s being able to survive without any faith at all.

I’m trying to reach an entirely unattainable goal. It’s a circle with no end.

How do I move away from this yucky perfectious disease?

By understanding that it’s impossible. My soon-to-be baby doesn’t want perfect, but instead actually wants me for who I am. So I’m probably… well wait, not probably, I’m FOR SURE at an imperfectly perfect point in my life when I have an incredible opportunity to begin to fully accept myself.

Below are 3 simple steps to self-acceptance:

Acceptance of Self

  1. Stop resisting traits categorized as undesirable. These bits of you are what make’s you, you! It’s why people love you. It’s the stroke of a brush in your very rare and beautifully unique self-portrait. If you wish to transform these traits, work on it and acknowledge yourself for the work you put into it every day. Take note of your progress every day by journaling and titling the page, “Why I’m proud to be me.”

  2. Realize nothing happens over night. Take it one day at a time and allow your day to be guided by the softer side of you. Lean in and get accustomed to the subtle, daily shift. Get familiar with that feeling. Make friends with it and watch it grow.

  3. Get out of your head and into your heart. As your gradual shift out-of-worry continues, find something you that you LOVE TO DO to replace it with. Sulking and pouting will keep you there. Treat yourself with self-love and self-care by getting your nails did or booking a massage. It just shows the Universe that you love yourself so through the Law of Attraction, it will love you back <3

And last but most certainly not least,

4.     Your baby doesn’t want perfection. Do you want to hang out every day with perfection? Can you imagine how annoying she would be?!?! Why would your soon-to-be child want that as a mother? Cut him or her some slack. They haven’t even gotten here yet!

The only cure to this perfection disease is to begin to accept every lil bit of your crazy, beautiful imperfect self. Enjoy the journey of learning and observing the different sides of your personality. Demonstrate compassion to yourself for having the courage and bravery to do or be your best. That’s all you can really do… is to do your very best.  

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