Part 3: How to be a Leader

Everyone has their own definition of a leader. The most common interpretation being the boss, the person in charge, the one that makes the decisions and possibly even encompassing somewhat of an aggressive and abrupt get-er-done attitude. On the contrary, below is my very own definition: 

The Infamous Pocket Person

You know how there’s that one person, mentor or teacher who you just wish you could always be around? The one that makes you feel good even if you’re feeling low? It’s like they know how to bring out the best in you, without even saying anything. Ya know… the one that you just want to put in your pocket and take everywhere with you?

When we can feel or sense this type of individual, we naturally want to follow them. We are desperate to know what their secret is as we watch them exude such easy confidence. Just being in their presence connects us to something bigger and brighter.

Your Mark to Make

If you choose to bury your spirit deep down and continue to play the game of life from ego and victim of circumstance, you will unconsciously bring others down with you.

However, if you choose to build a life from spirit, you will definitely become someone's pocket person.

For example, when we were at the retreat at Carmel Joy Baird's Ranch, Sonia Choquette asked the crowd if someone would like some guidance on a problem they were facing. My mom put her hand up, got picked and was actually called up to stand in front of about 50 people. She, of course, was wanting guidance on my big brother Jesse, which you can read more about here.

When my mom walked up there and confidently stood up in front of all those people to talk about something really quite difficult, I was so incredibly inspired.

Sonia, although psychic, was not there to give people answers. Instead, she was there to facilitate you getting in direct contact with your spirit so that you could get the answers yourself. My mom told the crowd my brother’s story and then asked, “How can I communicate with my son?” She ended up coming up with and stating 19 ways she could communicate with my brother Jesse. It was so beautiful. I was crying the whole way through.

As my mom finished and sat down, I looked around at the crowd and everyone was so still as their eyes were filled with tears. Yes, the topic was sad, but I believe the tears poured of inspiration from the bravery my mom bestowed.

It was a moment I will never forget. Especially for me on my journey towards motherhood, I hope to be that brave and inspirational to my children one day.

Below is my mom and I in 1988 when I was one year old <3

My first halloween. Want to know what I'm dressed up as? Your guess is as good as mine.

My mom and I in 2013 when Oprah visited YEG.

Be a Connector

For the rest of the weekend, my mom was everyone’s pocket person. People were coming up to her, wanting to be around her and wanting to talk to her. They felt like they knew her. They looked up to her. She allowed herself to be vulnerable in front of everyone and people deeply respected that self-assurance. She connected all of these people, myself included, to what we are all striving to become ourselves.

Once you are confident in who you are, as a spirit, and stop caring about what anybody else thinks, you create a space to allow others to do the same. It’s contagious.

To Sum Up the 3 Part Series

Being a Psychic Medium isn’t any different than being amongst any other lifestyle or occupation. Like anything, to be truly successful you have to trust your guidance and feed your spirit with what it needs. Once you're feeling the joy yourself, you then become a spiritual leader by sprinkling your true authenticity onto those around you. 

To learn more about Carmel Joy Baird's & Sonia Choquette's retreats or courses, you can click the links below. I highly, highly recommend them.

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