A Reminder to Enjoy the Journey of "What is"

My sister is seriously one of the most generous people on the planet. She would give you the shirt off her back in an instant. We were out one random day when she caught a glimpse of the bracelet on her wrist and said “Oh ya… I got this for you!” then proceeds to take it off her wrist and give it to me. She’s so gosh darn sweet. (She writes a killer fashion blog that you can check out here)

As pictured in the image above, the Lokai Bracelet is a symbol of life. The black bead with mud from the dead sea representing the low points of life and the white bead with water from Mount Everest representing the high points of life. The clear beads symbolize everything in between. The creator’s intent of the bracelet is to remind us to be humble through the ups and downs in life.

But I can’t help but notice something else. Look at how many more clear beads there are then black and white beads.

In our search to accomplish our desires, goals and dreams, which embodies the white bead, look at how much more freaking time we spend in limbo chasing what we don’t yet have. Then what? After we reach our goal, we just create a new one and then the waiting begins.

To me, this bracelet is a souvenir that will remind me to enjoy the journey of “what is” right now, in this moment and in this moment and then right now.

If we learn how to find happiness and fulfillment in the journey of “what is” and stop yearning for the future or thinking of the past, we’d all be very, VERY happy, conscious people.   

I’ll wear this bracelet as a reminder to live in the moment, as that’s really all we have.

Embrace the journey through all the ups, downs and in-betweens, but most especially the in-betweens. It’s where most of life is.

This bracelet can be purchased here or if you live in Edmonton, it can be bought locally at Red Ribbon for $32.

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