Free Guided Holiday Meditation

This time of year is truly magical.

Every year in December, my heart opens wide and I feel like the whole world is connected in a very special way.

With that begin said, I feel that right now there’s a huge opportunity to connect with you and more specifically, your spirit and the spirit of your baby.

Every morning for the past week, I have literally been woken up by huge insights that I know will help you on your fertility journey, as much as it as helped and healed me.

Which is why I’m creating a last minute guided meditation that is totally free for you to be a part of. I feel a huge opening to heal and to set clear intentions for the new year so I’ve decided to act on it and would love for you to join.

In this guided meditation, the following shifts will be activated within you:

  • Shift your energy out of lack and into love, so that you can allow your baby to be conceived as an extension of your love. A babe wants to be made from love and not lack. You don't need your baby to feel complete.

  • Shift from forcing and trying so hard to sparking and utilizing the God-given power within you. And throw the word “trying” out of the door!

  • Shift your identity out of a “TTC” one and into the energy of pregnancy and motherhood NOW!

Sign up here to get access to this free mediation. 

It’s time you understood how incredibly powerful and important you are. My intention is to guide into the knowing that you are enough. Now!

Here’s the details:

Unfortunately, there are only 100 spots available on the phone line, so sign up here to save your spot.

The call will be recorded for you to listen to at a later time, but you will definitely feel a stronger shift when you connect to the live meditation!

I’m so excited to utilize the energy of the Christmas spirit with you. This is going to be very powerful.

MUCH love,

xo Spenser

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