Intention Setting to Get Pregnant

Hey future mama,

If you had a magic wand in your hands THIS INSTANT and could fairy godmother anything into your life using that sparkly wand, what would you ask for?

I ask this question to all of my clients. Based on my experience, I’ve learned that:

You are afraid to ask for what you want.

Don’t take that personally! I get afraid, too. We all do. It’s so common when you’ve been hurt month after month when you-know-who decides to make her grand entrance.

Because what if it doesn’t happen? 

What if you don’t get pregnant? I hear ya. But it’s important to understand that with this mindset, you are literally preparing to not get what you want. Your mind gives this radio signal to your body and your body responds with a strict, “10-4!” and gives you exact-a-mongo what you are preparing for.   

So really, you have two options:

You can be:

  1. THE SHIELD - The woman who says NO to life, people, places and things because that way, she won’t get hurt, but deep down she is hurt every single day in hiding.

  2. THE BADASS - The woman who says YES to life, people, places and things because she knows that although she might still get hurt some days (because she's a human), she knows in her heart that this is the only way to open herself up to receive what she wants to call in. ESPECIALLY her baby.

Here’s the trick:

You could say, “Okay I’m all in this month!” and just go for it. But there is a much more powerful, less painful, much easier way of doing this to help you step into your badass mentality!

Drum roll please…* dadadadadadadadada *

Set an intention.

Intention is the true starting point of every dream. Dr. Wayne Dyer describes intention as the creative, immeasurable force behind every manifestation. So the phone or computer you are reading this email from, began with an intention. You began with an intention. Your baby will begin with an intention.

Step 1. Before setting an intention, spend 10-15 minutes in meditation getting clear on what you really want. (your answer may surprise you...) In your medi, imagine you actually do have a magic wand and whatever you set an intention to create, will actually REALLY happen.

Step 2. Write your intention down, hand to paper. Include the following:

  • Write down what you are choosing to create.

  • Write down what you intend to give in return for what your desire (there is no such reality as “something for nothing”)

  • Write down by what date you are choosing to receive it.

  • Write down your plan for carrying out what you desire and begin immediately, even if you aren’t 100% ready.

  • Write out your intention statement including all of the above.

For example (and this is the one I created): My intention to consciously create a healthy, happy baby with my husband by June 30, 2017. My intention is to have a relaxed and easy pregnancy carrying my baby to full term. My intention is to service woman into becoming their best selves, and in turn, attracting their own baby. I intend to do this work during and after my pregnancy. My intention is to create this pregnancy by being present, eating healthy food, exercising, meditating, being of service to the world and surrendering control to the Universe.

Step 3: Read your statement out loud every morning or before going to bed. ***NOTE: As you read – see, feel and believe yourself already in possession of what you intend to create

Then forgetta-bout the “how”

The secret to setting an intention is not to worry about HOW your intention is going to come true. Trust that your intention is working – right now. Know that there is loads of work going on behind the scenes. You’ll begin to trust the process more and more as the Universe shows to you winks, hints and tips on manifesting your intention. With this trust, you can let go of control and love your life NOW.

Now check this out. 

Here’s how Sally, one of my awesome clients, emailed me this weekend after setting her intention:

“Spenser! After you helped me get clear on what I want and set an intention in our last coaching session, I’m ALREADY starting to see incredible synchronicities that I just KNOW are a result of my intention to create my baby! My friend sent me a coupon to our local organic grocery store, I won a silent auction item for a yoga studio and my friend just happened to buy me a new book to help. I know this is all a result of my intention setting! Thank you so much!” 

So com’on lady. Get your intention setting game on and create this beautiful baby! 

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Sending you and your future baby loads’a love.

XO Spenser

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“Our intention creates our reality” – Wayne Dyer

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