Do you make excuses?

Hey love,

Wanna play a game?

Let's do a quick, 1-minute exercise that'll change your state an instant.


Now - fill in the blank below...

G O !

When I get pregnant, I can finally *FILL IN THE BLANK*? 

What’s your fill in the blank? Take some time to think about it...

Is it “So that I can finally…

  • Relax.

  • Stop trying to be perfect.

  • Feel confident in my body.

  • Quit my job,

  • Fit in with my friends. And meet new ones too.

  • Feel complete.

  • Be myself.

  • Feel a miracle growing inside of me.

  • Get on with my life.

  • Stop comparing myself to other people's lives.”

Do you have at least one answer? Great! Let’s continue…

What’s one thing you can do TODAY, so that you can stop waiting around and create what you want right now?

Let me help. If your answer was:

"So that I can finally...

  • Relax - Cultivate daily guilt-free, self-care. For example, have a long bubble bath tonight or/and do this meditation.

  • Stop trying to be perfect – Go eat a burger, don't make your bed one morning, or leave dishes in the sink for a night to liberate the need for things to be "just right".

  • Feel confident in my body – Go to a local spin class because working out makes you feel like an unstoppable bad ass.

  • Quit my job - Take baby steps to make the switch to a more fulfilling career NOW because this is so much easier BEFORE baby. Trust me on this one.

  • Fit in with my friends. And meet new ones too. – Join a women’s book, food or sports club in your community. Don’t have one? Start it.

  • Feel complete – Read this book.

  • Be myself – What did you love to do as a child? Paint, play piano, dance? Do that today. Don't think about it. Just start.

  • Feel a miracle growing inside of me – Put your hand on your heart. Feel the beat… this is a miracle. You are a miracle. This is life inside of you.

  • Get on with my life – What have you been putting on hold? Finally pursuing your dream job? Taking that vacation? Moving to a new city? If you wait until you are ready, you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life.

  • Stop comparing myself to other people’s lives – This ones about following and fitting in, when you are a leader mama-bear. The only thing you should be following is your heart. And this will inspire others to do the same. What is your heart saying? (Again, do this meditation.)

Excuses say whaaat?!

You see? There are no *real* excuses. There are only illusions that support you in playing small, when you are meant for BIG THINGS. Waiting for an outside circumstance to give you permission to do the things you love is a waste of a beautiful, adventurous and limitless life.

Wouldn't it be amazing to create your baby from your already full life? 

You can have everything you want – t o d a y. 

If you want to keep waiting, then by all means, have at’er. But there is another way. And this way is Way. More. Fucking. Fun.

Xo Spenser

"At any moment, the decision you make can change the course of your life forever." - Tony Robbins

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