How Gratitude Effects Your Fertility

I know...

You've heard it a million times. Gratitude is supposed to be the magic ingredient to make the recipe of your life, taste like heaven.

It’s supposed to be the quickest way to change your state from sadness to happiness, and it’s also supposed to be one of the most effective ways to create what you want, based on the theory that like attracts like.

I say “supposed" to because most are missing the secret ingredient. 

It's the one that makes gratitude taste like your favorite home cooked meal (like my mama’s mean lasagna…yum-O!). 

Not having this secret ingredient would be like eating pasta without the sauce (blah!) or pizza without the cheese. Like…you’ll eat it, but it could be so much betta!

The very special and secret ingredient to gratitude is vulnerability.

You can say what you are grateful for until you are black and blue in the face. Because you could probably name 62 different things, from your family to your finger nails, when you take the time to say it out loud or write it down.

But do you allow yourself to really feel it?

The tendency to just say it and not really feel it, stems from subconscious limiting beliefs like these examples:

  • If I allow myself to feel how grateful I am, then I’ll jinx it.

  • I’ll be a blubbering mess if I really feel it.

  • I’m afraid it’ll be taken from me if I really feel it.

And it's okay to have these deep feelings. Because you're human. 

But today, and in honor of American ThanksgivingI challenge you to allow yourself to REALLY feel just one thing that you're truly, out-of-this-world grateful for...something that tugs at those vulnerable heart strings.

Spend a hot minute just feeelin' it. Feel all of it. Feel the gratitude, the fear, the love, the uncertainty – all of it.

Because the courage that's born out of vulnerability, will open your heart like a Disneyland worthy firework.

At the core, *this* is what fertility is all about. Opening your heart up to receive, requires letting in your full range of feelings even the ones you judge as "bad" for your fertility. 

Let them come – and go. There’s no need to control ANY of it. Because every feeling is beautiful in it's own unique way. 

Well. There you have it. The secret ingredient to make the recipe of your life taste...SO GOOD!

Lots of love and Happy Thanksgiving!

xo Spenser

"You can choose courage or you can choose comfort. But you can't have both." - Brene Brown

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