Here's why it's important to create space for your baby today.

Hey mama-bear,

When you consider creating space for your baby, you probably think about clearing out a bedroom, gettin’ rid of some old furniture or maybe even baby-proofing the whole gosh darn house just to show how freaking committed you are to your future nugget. (And I just love that about you!)

And although your outer world could potentially use some tidying up, what it would look like to create some space inside of your mind and how does it benefit your fertility?  

At this day and age, people actually brag about how busy they are. You may have even caught yourself in a one up with your noisy neighbor two doors down about who gets the least amount of sleep, works the most hours and who has the most yard work to do.

Why would anyone want to win that war?

Society says the busier we are, the more important we are. The more free time we have, the lazier we are.

And in the end, a busy life = a busy mind.

This unconscious approach eventually leads to what I like to call burnt out, stressed out and bummed out.

If you’d like to conceive a baby, your body needs mental, physical and spiritual energy now more than ever.

So how can you begin to create much needed space inside of your mind?

Let go of exhaustion as a status symbol.

This step is brought to you by the a-mazing Brene Brown. She explains how your self-worth is linked to productivity. But what if your body needs a day to rest, or even play?… Why would you DARE to relax and have fun if you go to bed at night thinking about how much of a lazy bum you are? Realize deeply that a healthy life (and your fertility) is all about balance and that your work needs play to truly flourish.

Listen to your self-talk for like, 5 minutes.

Create 5 minutes of stillness in your day to listen to the thoughts in your head. Don’t try to change them or make them sound more “positive”. You’ll get way more out of just noticing them. Notice how your mind says things like, “I don’t deserve to relax right now” or the opposite like “Today was a good day, because I’m totally pooped”. As you watch the thoughts, realize that they aren’t who you are. You’re actually the one watching them. The peaceful space behind them. What a relief! 

De-clutter and simplify your home.

Your living space is one humongous metaphor for your inner world. What’s a space in your home that drives you nuts? Think about why you don’t like it and name three things to describe it. (DON’T READ ON UNTIL YOU DO THIS QUICK EXERCISE) Then I want you to notice what area of your inner world matches that description. For example, I had a client who really didn’t like her front landscaping. It was unfinished, bumpy and shady – exactly like her job. She didn’t even know she had these feelings until our coaching session and it wasn’t until she made them conscious, was she then able to make the appropriate changes to simplify and de-clutter her home and her life to create some space.

So how do you know when you’re beginning to create space for you and your baby?

You’ll know you’re creating more space when you begin to notice happiness in all the sweet and small things. We’re programmed to chase the big events and innocently miss all the beauty along the way. As your mind quiets, you create space to see, feel and appreciate all the little things like the freshness of your food, the softness of your sheets and even the technology you’re using right now to connect with someone on the other side of the world – so cool, right?

What's one thing you can do or not do today to create space for your baby? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thanks for reading! I'm excited to 'see you' in the comments.

With so much love,

XO Spenser

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