My Mother's Day Message to YOU.

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Hey mama-bear, 

Even though I’m writing an email to you, I want you to imagine as if I’m sitting you down on a gorgeous, vintage couch and I’m saying this to your beautiful face.

I have an important message for you specifically…

Today is Mother’s Day and although you may not feel like a mother in our physical world, you need to know something.

Your baby/babies are celebrating you.

They very badly want you to feel their deep love and appreciation for everything you continue to do and more importantly, everything you continue to let go of to bring conception into alignment. 

The veil between this world and theirs can be as thin or as thick as you want. The obvious advantage of following your gut feeling and leaning into the unseen side is more certainty and therefore, less worry and more joy in your life.

So today, I’d like to give you the very special Mother’s day gift of thinning the veil.

The “to do” list on this journey can be extreme and it can clog your clarity and thicken the veil. So my gift is showing you a few new perceptions to bring clarity into focus.

And I promise you that this will be one of the biggest gift you will ever receive from now and through motherhood…

You’re doing enough.

The pressure to be perfect is a very real thing. And it doesn’t stop when your baby gets here. (Some would argue it gets worse.) So why not embrace the crazy beautiful messiness of your life today? Because it’s what makes you a living, breathing human being. Why not embrace all of your emotions…not just the good ones? Accept and embrace your imperfection like your watching the most beautiful movie in the world and feel the relief in your body as you let go of that need to control.

Stop your “shoulding” once and for all. 

If you hear yourself say “I should be doing that” you’re living in your head and not your heart. (In the words of Tony Robbins: When you’re in your head, you’re dead.) Our left side, logical brain is honestly extraordinary, but the desire to have a baby was born in your heart. Why then, do we switch to logic to bring it to us? Your heart knows the way. All you gotta do is take a leap of faith and follow it.

Love the fact that you want your baby very, very badly. 

Don’t feel bad for wanting something so bad. This is who you are. Once you accept the want, it’ll stop being such a need. Needing something (besides food, shelter and water) creates a lacking-kinda-energy and a super strong attachment to the outcome. All of a sudden, what you want becomes a chore and not fun anymore…sound too familiar?  Stop trying to control your feelings. Let go of the resistance to love and want your baby.  

You’re doing the right thing.

I may be biased :) but if you’ve continued to read this far… you’re doing the right thing. You’re leaning into your heart and navigating this sometimes SO foggy journey with your mama-bear instinct. You’ve taken many detours and windy roads that hindsight, will have all led you to your baby.

I commend you for your undying commitment and love for your baby. It’s a beautiful thing and will be such an insanely incredible story to tell to him or her one day.

I also want you to know that you must love yourself very much to have come this far. Wow – you are a gift to our world. Thank you.

Happy Mothers Day to YOU,

Xo Spenser

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