Confused about which inner voice to trust?

Hey love,

I for real get emails on the daily from beautiful, smart women like YOU wanting to know how or if they’re making the right next step on the journey to have their baby.

For example…

I received this email last week from a lovely mama-bear who we’ll call Frrrrrancesca (because if you roll the R, the name is so fun to say out loud):

“I don’t want to feel like I'm 'grasping at straws' and just jumping into something. I want to do things mindfully and consciously - but equally, I know I still need help/support/guidance.”

Because Spenser, the fertility journey can get hella foggy. At times, it can feel like there’s a cloud following your every move, covering up that clear, bright sky that you know has the answers for you.

So how can you shift out of ‘grasping at straws’ to find that clarity? How do you just know the right next step on this unique journey to your baby and trust what you’re getting?

You ask.

You ask your body.

Housed deep inside you, is a super intelligent force called your body compass. It’s amazing because 1. It gets you out of your monkey mind and B. It has and always will point you towards the the life that will make you happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. Your body is always speaking to you. Even when it’s sick and run down, it’s telling you that it needs rest. So I encourage you to consciously communicate with your body to learn what the next aligned step is for you. After all, it’s your body that’s gonna be cookin’ this gorgeous baby so you might as well become BFF’s.


Step #1: Find out how your body talks to you.

The body compass speaks through your physical body. So to get a good idea of how your body talks, I want you to remember a negative experience and see where you feel that in your body and what the sensation is. For example, I personally feel a crouching of my shoulders and a tightness in my belly. And when I recall a positive experience, the total opposite happens for me. Shoulders up. Stomach open. How does your body talk to you?

Note: If you don’t feel anything, that’s still your body speaking to you. It’s responding to you like your old friend from elementary would if you texted her out of the blue 20+ years after your 6th grade graduation party. Your body is responding by saying, “Whoa. Um…hey. Long time no talk. Soooo…this is new. I didn’t expect this. I’m so happy to hear from you but I’m gonna need some time to digest and adjust. Cool?” Your job is to be cool and be patient like you would with your dear, old friend. 


Step #2: Ask it a question.

If you feel you’re at a fork in the road and are faced with some options on getting support, whether that’d be the medical route, hiring a naturopath or teaming up with a Fertility Coach (ah hem), I encourage you to imagine the scenario of choosing one of these options in your mind. What does each option make your body feel like?


Step #3: Learn how to discern your fear.

When you ask your body a question, there will almost always be a teeny bit of fear, otherwise you wouldn’t be consulting with it. What I want you to look for, is the excitement that is paired with the fear. Does this kind of fear feel like butterflies in your tummy? Or do you get a bit of a rush and does your heart pound a little bit faster? THIS is good fear (yes there's such a thing as good fear) because your body is excited! Follow that fear mama-bear…

Re-connecting with your body is a beautiful gift to have before baby. Because you’ll want to know what your body needs to nourish both you and your baby during your pregnancy.

Plus, going into your body gets you out of your mind and into the present moment. Make a note to connect with your body a few minutes every day just to say hello. I promise you that your body will thank you for it.

Much love to you,

Xo Spense

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