Do you let other people take care of you?

“No babe. I got this.” I respond to my husband after he suggests I put my feet up and relax while he cooks me a delicious dinner. Being the rock star husband he is, he can clearly see that I’ve had a long day, so naturally he wants to help. But do I let him? HELL no.

What kinda sane person says no to that kinda offer?! 

As a woman, letting someone take care of you can be tough.

Actually tough doesn’t cut it. It’s foreign.  

And if you keep up the unconscious habit of making everyone else your #1 priority, guess who takes a back seat? Correcta-mungo! YOU!

So if we look at the grandiose plan of the Universe as it shapes you to be the best human, wife and mother you can be before baby, it only makes sense that you start getting used to people taking care of your sweet soul NOW.

Here’s why:

Your loved ones WANT to take care of you!

Think about the satisfaction you get from taking care of the ones you love. You feel of purpose and you love spreading the LOVE! It’s a natural trait that kind human beings have. Why wouldn’t people want to do the same for you? 

A lesson in letting go of control.

As you begin to let others take care of you, it’s gonna feel uncomfortable. It just will. Because 1. It’s new and 2. You’re used to having the control. You’re used to making the plans and runnin’ the show. But feel into that uncomfortable-ness. Let it be there and don’t resist it so that it has space to pass. It’ll get easier every time…as you realize the world doesn’t come crashing down without you.

It’ll make you a better mother.

Many women don’t know how to be taken care of and it’s really a generational thing. Your mom and her mom and her mom etc…spent their energy taking care of the kids and spouse and not having much left for themselves. Because that’s what they thought being a mom was. Thank GOD times’a changin'. You will, without a doubt, be a better mom as you learn to fill your cup first so that you have the energy to be truly present for your child.

It gets you into the energy of receiving.

Part of the resistance to letting others take care of you is because you don’t feel like you deserve it. You don’t feel worthy of a night off while your spouse cooks you a meal. So to tap into the energy of feeling worthy of your baby and being open to receive it, I want you to experiment and reallllyyyy feel what it’s like to receive something special. 

To save the best for last...

Ask for help.

You weren’t meant to get to where you want to be alone. If you were, there would be no one else on this planet with you. The Universe puts people in your path to support you. And these people are an answer to your prayers. It’s up to you to listen and be willing to receive it.

XO Spenser

“Worthy now. Not if. Not when. We are worthy of love and belonging now. Right this minute. As is.” – Brene Brown

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