Open up. (Free Meditation Inside!)


I get it...

You can’t help it…

After months of witnessing AF makin’er lovely appearance and how hard it is to break the news to your hubby -- one of the most difficult things to learn is opening your beautiful heart to getting pregnant.

It’s SO subconscious – but to protect yourself, you choose not to get your hopes up and might even mentally prepare not to get pregnant so that you neva EVA have to feel that kind of pain again.

 Because as human beings, we’ve learned through past pain that we’re safer to just avoid pain altogether.

As you let this subconscious pattern bubble up to the surface, ask yourself:

Is this pattern working for me?

OR could it be blocking what it is that I’m choosing to create?

Physically and emotionally, the heart is directly connected to the womb. The heart pumps blood and the uterus releases it – it’s actually amazing and the research behind it is incredible.

If the heart’s closed, then so is your womb.

 And if your hearts OPEN, then so is your beautiful womb.

Whadaya say we crack open that beautiful heart of yours to make room for that beautiful baby? Like, right now. 

Let's start with these steps:

1. Get flippin’ excited again!

Write down all the reasons why you want to have a baby. What are you most excited for? What kind of mom will you be? What will your partner be like?  Be vulnerable and freaking real here. I want you to FEEL your answers to the core and watch your heart BURST open with joy!

2. Your pain in your portal to new beginnings

Trying to control your emotions is so the norm, but it can block the magic of what wants to be born. Glennon Doyle Melton says, “When we transport ourselves out of the pain, we miss all of our transformation. Because everything that we need to know to become the people we are meant to be is actually in our hot loneliness.”  

3. Embrace your hot loneliness.

Just feeeeeel the pain mama-bear. Don’t do anything else. I repeat…don’t do anything else but FEEL the pain of whatever thoughts want to come up. The resistance and judgments you have to “negative” or “positive” feelings, is actually what’s keeping them stuck inside of you. I promise you, it will pass.

4. DUH!...Meditation! 

Because I love you so much, I created a MAGICAL 10-minute heart-opening meditation, which you can enjoy below.

And here’s a TRUTH BOMB for ya:

Closing your heart to prevent pain is all an illusion.

Because let’s face it, the pain is hidden underneath the false protection of a closed heart. Underneath the unexpressed emotions. Underneath pretending that "everything is fine". And underneath the BS belief that sad is bad. 

So be OPEN to new experiences that make you feel vulnerable. Be OPEN to speaking your truth. Be OPEN to feeling your raw emotions -- because you're a human being. Be a bad ass MF. Be real and be YOU.

You are strong. You are courageous. And I honor you for that.

To new beginnings,

XO Spenser

“Trust is letting go of the need to know all the details before you open your heart.” - Unknown

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