Are you playin' it safe?

Hey mama-bear!

As I write to you, I’m at the airport waiting for my hour-delayed flight, reflecting on the in-fucking-spiring weekend I just had in Savannah, Georgia.

Three flights later, I arrived at my Mastermind in a 100-year-old southern mansion with my biz coach Susan Hyatt, and 9 other female entrepreneurs who too, want to - and absolutely will - change the world.

And although this weekend was motivating and illuminating in so many ways, this morning’s breakfast chat was my fav part…

I was sitting at breakfast eating my smoked salmon and capers on a bagel, and a couple of people started talking about the haters they’ve had after writing bold and honest blog posts. And it hit me that I haven’t had any haters. 

Most people would say that’s a good thing. But I don’t see it that way.

Through my work, I’ve been so safe trying to make sure that “everybody likes me” and not wanting to piss people off, that I’ve lost my voice and dimmed my light.

Which is funny because in real life, I’m a very honest person. I’ve had many people express to me that it’s what they love about me. So why would I hide in my work to you?

Because it’s what women have been taught to do. To put others before themselves. To play it safe. God forbid we are judged for being selfish. Or ruffle some feathers with our OWN opinions. Or take action about politics and the way society is being run.

I don’t know about you, but I wanna be a mama that leads by example to my future babies. I want our future generation to know that their own, unique opinions and their feelings matter – even if or ESPECIALLY if people don’t agree. 

And this starts today.

Are you with me?

So here’s to:

  • Speaking your truth - Even if you're the only one. (I got chu girl!)

  • Putting your own damn self first – so that you can LEAD and show up for the ones you love.

  • Taking risks – Because safety is a nice word for hiding.

  • Being judged – In a MF pledge to stop caring about what other people think.

  • The haters – Who secretly tell you that you're on the right track.

And together, let's do this with the intention of LOVE! And to liberate your SOUL and voice what your heart has been screaming for waaaaaay too long.

So I'd like to know, what's poppin' up for your right now? I’ve been hiding in my work. Where have you been hiding? And what does it feel like in your body to LET IT DA FUCK OUT?!

Do it. And do it today.

Love you!

Xo Spenser

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