This is what pisses me off about the fertility industry.

Hey love,

It's time for a rant mama-bear...

This is what pisses me off about the Fertility Industry:

It breeds perfection. 

It convinces you that you'll have your baby when:

  • You only think positive.

  • You only eat fruits and vegetables. (But not too many fruits. OH…and only certain vegetables…)

  • You are of high vibration.

  • You see your acupuncturist more than your spouse.

  • You are pretty much, always in a zenned-out state.

  • You must be full of energy. (Oh you want to take a NAP?! There must be something wrong with you!)

  • Your hormones look perfect on paper.

  • You’ve removed the microwave from your home.

  • No more wi-fi.

  • Your period is a consistent "28" day cycle.

  • PMS? Ohhh shit... not a good sign...

  • You avoid stress at all costs.


Basically, just try to be as perfect as possible and THEN, your baby will happen.

It's Ca-RAZY! I can't hear it anymore. In a nut-shell, the industry is suggesting that you’re not allowed to be a human. They should create a tagline that says: Enlightened masters or robots are the only ones who will get pregnant!

When the reality is that people get pregnant all around the world, who aren’t even close to perfect.

So why do they get pregnant, when you’re here, trying to do everything under the sun to have this baby?

Here’s my two cents and you can take it or leave it mama:

So much of fertility is energy. And if you have this belief you've taken on from society/childhood that you need to get it just “right” or close to "perfect" in order to create something, then that pressure can weigh heavily on the mind and the body. And then what do ya do? Well... of course, you blame yourself. And so the cycle continues..

How do I know this? Am I just some Life Coach guessing how you feel? NO. I know this because I've been there. 

The fertility journey is what WAKES YOU UP out of this big, fat, stinky pile of BS. Because what you’re waiting to achieve - that idea of “perfect” - It isn’t there. It doesn’t exist. You're being stood up.

This is the good news.

Because perfection is the ultimate illusion. Your doctor’s idea of perfect, to your mothers, to that fertility blog – is all SO different, right? 

The fertility journey can be a liberating and life-changing experience, because this isn’t about becoming someone that you’re not. It’s about un-becoming who you thought you “should” be, so that you can discover the magic that's inside of you - right now. It’s a second chance at a fucking amazing life. That’s the higher plan.

Now I wanna be clear…I’m by no means advocating that you eat junk and stop going to your hot yoga class. And there are some truly amazing fertility experts out there. I’m simply suggesting that you begin to accept, no EMBRACE your imperfect human-ness. So that you can let go of all that useless pressure to become someone you’re not. And to shamelessly, unapologetically and confidently be who you really are. 

Because it's not your fault. You are not a robot OR an enlightened master. You're YOU. And you're loved, more than you’ll ever know.


Xo Spenser

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