Secrets to surviving the two week wait.

So mama-bear,

You get your period, you ovulate, you have sex…

And then what?!?!

You’re supposed to just SANELY, PATIENTLY & PERFECTLY wait to see if you’re pregnant?!

Easier said than done. 

Am I right?!

The two week wait can feel like time is stannnnding stilllllll.

But there are ways of tweaking that beautiful mind of yours, to actually use this time to your advantage. 

Because it’s not just a time to distract yourself (altho that helps). 

There is magic in those 2 weeks that can actually increase your chances of conception. You just have to learn how to access it. 

Learn exactly how in this weeks brand new podcast:

Secrets to surviving the two week wait. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Why the TWW is absolutely not about doing things perfectly. 

  • How to manage the anxious thoughts that may pop up.

  • How to have compassion for yourself during this vulnerable time ❤️

Listen now mamacita!

Xo Spenser



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