How to stop saying yes, when you REALLY want to say no.

Hey love,

Remember that time you said yes to helping your co-worker past work hours – even tho you were exhausted and really wanted to go to yoga class? 

Remember when you said yes to going to that distant family event – even tho your soul was craving a road trip with your lover? 

Remember when you said yes to planning, cooking and hosting Thanksgiving dinner – even tho you haven’t had a moment to yourself (or your hubby) in weeks?

Look -- you can always make an excuse to say yes to helping others. Because you “want to do the right thing”

But why are you - this amazing, brave, courageous, bad-ass woman - last on the list? 

And are you the best version of yourself, when you show up to shit you don’t want to be at? 

I’m guessing not. 

Right now…as your prepare your God-pod to make a baby… nothing is more important than your energy. And it gets hella depleted by the limiting belief that you “need to say yes” – when you REALLY want to say no.

So if you want to learn how to stop saying yes, when you REALLY want to say no, then I want you to listen to this week’s brand new podcast. 

It’ll be your permission slip to use the super intimidating and paralyzing (JUST TWO LETTER WORD MIGHT I ADD)… no. <—See how tiny and small the word is? No big deal right? 😉

Because your selfish if you don’t say no. Sound harsh? Listen to the podcast to learn why it’s really, realllllyyyy not.

You deserve this. No more yes to favors, jobs and obligations you really don’t wanna do. Way more no. Because you matter.

Listen now!

xo Spenser



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