Tips to let go and surrender on your fertility journey

Hey gorg,

Is letting go and surrender a taboo topic? It sure as hell feels like it. We weren’t taught how to do it. We were taught to put in the hours of discipline and work, and then it’ll happen. Like you did with your career or making dolla’s, right? But when it comes to making a baby, the energy is different… (which can feel so damn frustrating.) 

Fertile energy does require the energy of letting go. 

But what are you “letting go” of?

Many of the women I speak to believe that “letting go” means they have to stop wanting a baby and then they’ll get pregnant. 

And this couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Sure, there are aspects of the fertility journey that you can control. Like diet and exercise etc. 

But there are some parts of it that you can’t --AND THIS IS GOOD NEWS! 

(We’ll go over these parts in the podcast…)

Trust me. Even tho this might sound scary…this is verrrry good news. 

So in today’s podcast, you’ll learn tips to let go and surrender on the journey to have your baby. 

I know this podcast will relieve you of stress, confusion and overwhelm. And fill you with relief, inspiration and confidence. 

Because there is a power that’s even greater than you and I – wanting and willing to deliver your beautiful, healthy babe into your arms. 

Take a listen mama-bear.

Lots of love!

Xo Spenser 



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