For the love of women.

Hey mama-bear,

Do you wanna know the secret to getting anything you want? The baby, the money, the feelings of freedom, belonging and fulfillment? 

Do more of what you love.  

Sounds simple enough, right?


What if you have 1000’s of years stacked against you saying that you "have to" put everyone else before you?

For generations, women believed they had to sacrifice their pleasure, talents, fun and play, in order to be there for their family.

And if you didn't, you were strongly judged for being selfish.

So then naturally, the monkey-mind comes up with excuses to justify NOT doing what you love:

Want to go on a vacation? Oh but what if I’m pregnant, then I don’t know if I’ll be able to fly…

Want to stay in and watch "This Is Us" with your love? Oh but my friends invited me out and I’m afraid to say no and disappoint them…

Want to apply for that dream job? Oh but I’m really not qualified. Plus, my job right now pays well so how could I ever leave?…

As women, why in the world are we fighting for excuses that keep us small? 

From NOW ON – Let’s fight for:

Our ancestors. 

The ones we knew and the ones way before – who look down and are in AWE over the FREEDOM we have in this lifetime to spend it doing whatever the hell we damn well want.

Our mothers. 

Who are so proud to watch their daughters demonstrate that worthiness is not something you earn. Worthiness is our fucking birth right.


Who are breakers of patterns. No more “backburner” dreams and hiding our gifts. Playing small is no longer an option. Playing BIG is the only way out.

Our daughters. 

Who will be raised to shine so bright and whose main purpose is to spread love – by demonstrating the love she has for herself. more of what you love. Do it for yourself. Do it for the women that came before you. And do it for the generation of beautiful souls who will be here very soon.

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For the love of women,

Xo Spenser

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