It's NOT your fault.

Hey mama in the making!

In my effort to make you show you JUST HOW AMAZING YOU ARE, please read:

1. It’s not your fault that you want a baby really, REALLY bad. 

Mama-bear…it’s in your biology to create a baby. Do NOT feel guilty or ashamed for wanting this baby really, really bad. It’s human nature to want to feel that deep pleasure and big love. This longing and desire is natural. And human. And beautiful. It’s all about what humans long for most…LOVE! 

2. It’s not your fault that it hasn’t happened YET

If you’ve ever thought that you should have started TTC sooner…or wish you would have known more about your body earlier – I want you to know that 1.) It’s okay to have these thoughts and 2.) Just because you have these thoughts, it doesn’t mean they’re true. They’re just thoughts. God knows what s/he’s doing and I want you to feel into the possibility of this journey being way better than you could have ever imagined. Even if it really doesn’t feel that way sometimes.

3. It’s not your fault that you worry and think about it a lot.

Research has shown that human brains are wired to search for answers to resolve uncertainty. Meaning, we literally can’t help ourselves. BUT - it doesn’t mean we have to suffer our way through it….


What keeps you in the cycle of suffering, is not the worrying thoughts themselves. What keeps you in suffering is the RESISTANCE you have to these human thoughts and your efforts to try and control them.

It’s the unconscious, resistant energy of trying to control how you feel that keeps energy stuck in the body. 


Fuck trying to be positive all the time. Seriously. It’s extremely unhealthy to both your body and your mind to believe you have to only think perfect, positive thoughts. It’s NOT human, NOT possible and NOT natural. 

Think about it if you believe you have to only be positive to create a baby and those human thoughts pop up (because remember…we’re wired to search for answers) you only hate yourself more when they come up and you feel guilty for not being able to control it. Right?!

You have been brought into this world to feel a full range of feelings and emotions. Good, bad, sad and happy. It’s what us humans do. It’s why we chose to come into this life. To experience. To feel. To learn and to grow. Feelings your feelings and NOT judging them is the most FERTILE thing you can do. It will restore flow and energy within your mind and your body. And best of all, you get to love yourself - NO MATTER WHAT!!! <3

With all of my love,

xo Spenser

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