5 reasons why women need each other.

Hey mama-bear,

Happy International Women’s Day!

I don’t know about you, but I have never been more PROUD to be a woman.

These past couple of years have shown that us women are fucking miraculous when we come together with a common goal in mind.


And even if your goal is personal - like having a baby - the bottom line is that we are stronger individually when we band together to support, love and cheer each other on. 

Here's why:

1. Combined wisdom

Women often feel like they have to do everything on their own, and that asking for help somehow makes us incapable or weak. SPOILER ALERT: You can get MORE done in LESS time (and be a lot happier) with the support, wisdom and guidance of other women. Can you resign as the "perfect" women to get where you want, faster?

2. It stretches you outside of your comfort zone

When you’re doing things alone, it’s easy to feel like some things are impossible or “too hard” UNTIL you see someone else do it. Which of course, is inspiration to give it a try. There is nothing more beautiful than women inspiring women.

3. Accountability

If you’re anything like moi, you need accountability (from someone you respect and trust) to confidently follow through with the promises you make to yourself.  With my coach, I don’t follow through with my plan for her, I do it for me. And I know she’s holding me in a loving space when she holds me accountable for what I’m choosing to create. Because if not, nothing changes.

4. A huge sense of belonging

Many of my clients feel alone on the fertility journey and have separated themselves from others. But choosing to surround yourself with a tribe of women is a natural need for human beings to turn off that fight or flight and to thrive, feel safe and empowered.

5. It instills compassion

In my opinion, nothing is born from the fertility journey more than compassion. It’s an extremely humbling experience that allows you to relate to other women heart to heart, soul to soul. Which is a gift in it of itself.

Surround yourself with sisters who believe in you. Who get you. Who make you feel like you BELONG here on Earth. Who reassure you that how you're feeling is valid. And important. Then JUST WATCH what happens when your girls got your back!

All my love,

Xo Spenser

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